For Bethany

Author: Shexpeare /

Why I can't play WOW (or for the fools in the none gaming world.... world of warcraft).
My reasons are ten fold. And... if they aren't ACTUALLY ten fold, they will be after I make this list of ten reasons why I can't play WOW.

1. It costs money. A constant flow of money.
2. I already stay up late enough with normal video games.
3. I have an addictive personality. I'm pretty sure this has been proven with Dr. Pepper. Xbox. Desperate Housewives. I don't need more.
4. The people who come into gamestop who play WOW... Okay. Sometimes they are really cool like Grawrock, but other times... they scare me. The smell. The crazy look in their eye from the 20 min withdrawls to get to the store. It WORRIES ME BETHANY.
5. I do NOT want to meet my husband over WOW. If its going to be geeky, it better be at a star wars convention. And knowing me, it seems far too possible.
6. I'm already lazy and sit around. I would get fat..... er.
7. Math.
8. I like video games with stories.. and ENDINGS.
9. Now its like the principle of the matter.
10. To make you mad. :D