What need we fear who knows it when none can call our power to accompt?

Author: Shexpeare /

Lady Macbeth.
Macbeth ended almost a month ago, but I never had the chance to blog about it, so here it is.
Shakespeare makes me really happy. There is something so satisfying when the words are coming out of your mouth, and the language just takes over.
I love plays. But Shakespeare holds a special place. I suppose that explains the Classical Acting degree I'm trying to get.
When you ask girls what Shakespearean roles they would like to take on, people usually say Lady Macbeth somewhere in the mix. She is universally attractive to most actresses.
She isn't the first person I would have named. (Probably because King Lear is my favorite play, or maybe just because I wanted to say something different.) But she is now. I really love her more than I thought possible. I think she might be my favorite role...
There is something so tragic about how far she falls and how badly it hurts.
Wishes may bring problems,
Such that you regret them.
Better that, though,
Than to never get them...
She is so hopeless that she takes her own life. How does that happen to someone so determined, strong willed... Is there a way back?
I guess it doesn't matter if there is, because she doesn't see it.