Achievements? I feel so... achieved.

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So many video games. So little time.
My current adventures alone:

This is a game that as I child I never beat. I would start it and get pretty far, but the ending was just too frustrating as a child who thought the power rangers ought to be invincible. Well, I finally beat it, and watching Zack, our original black ranger dance his heart out wasnt really the ending I was looking for.

I'm going through Final Fantasy 6 again. I really should beat 4 before I beat 6... AGAIN. But its my favorite Final Fantasy. The music is delightful. The cast is one of the best in a video game. The ensemble really makes this game more enjoyable then most.

My adventures with Eric, my serial killing adopted brother... Dexter?:

I haven't played the alternative edition yet, but in order to accurately show my love for resident evil 5, there has to be a picture of Chris and Jill. Beat this game so many times and I still enjoy it.
My one qualm, why couldn't capcom just let Chris and Jill freaking KISS already at the end of the game. Like. What the hell guys. I was very happy she was alive. But one step further would have MADE THIS GAME THAT MUCH MORE EPIC.
You know what I say to cheesy dialogue and no kissing.

Zoey is my hero. If there was ever a college zombie killer who I related to, its her. Also played this at Chris' surprise birthday party. Who knew that versus mode could be so fun. I enjoy being a zombie just as much as a survivor. "I'm killing Rev! YAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!"

I loved Halo 3. And I loved this game. Flew through it with Eric. Something about the halo controls is intoxicating. Thats why at anytime there are thousands of geeks online screaming "GOOD GAME!" or rather "GG"


Miss B said...

ummm. this is great. i am currently playing Fable 2 and of course still WOW-ing sometimes (damn ian for getting me into crack haha). Also I am coming to your play tonight and can.not.wait. So break a leg! woot woot!

Kami said...

You know what I say to this post? "GG."