I'm going to drill Jar Jar Binks' Teeth until I hit his BRAIN.

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Today I went to the dentist. I recall the Little Shop dentist.
I really hate the dentist. Alright, alright. I don't hate MY dentist. (Either the Orem or Cedar one.) I just hate the idea of the dentist. I hate going to the dentist. I despise my bad teeth. I've had a lot of work done in my short time here on earth. I should be use to it by now. But the sound of drilling in my brain still sounds like someone gnawing on my jawbone. I get sweaty, nervous, and have nightmares weeks in advance.
Today I went to the dentist.
They let me watch Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. (I brought my own copy, and the dentist, Chase, noted that he should get copies for the office. I mean, star wars IS that good.) This was a nice distraction for the most part. He gave me a lot of shots. Besides the first poke, I really appreciated it. :D I kept thinking... THIS! THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER! The drilling, the saliva and dry lips. The drilling THE DRILLING! The noise and smell... and then... THEN
Seriously. No matter how attractive Ewan is, or Liam is... hardly anything can make up for Jar Jar Binks. And that DAMN KID WHO PLAYS ANAKIN. Sheesh.
No, No Natalie Portman, please do NOT save Jar Jar from getting his hand mangled in the pod racer. Maybe he would lose a lot of blood and die. No, NO! LIAM JUST LET THE GUNGANS PUNISH HIM! *sigh* Is my tooth done yet?
I'm getting a cap, crown, whatever, and I'm tempted to get a gold one like Johnny Depp. I can see him poking away at me in his glasses. DONT LOOK IN HIS GLASSES. Whew. The hard part is over and now they just need to get it to stick. My fake one. They'll order me a real one.... I should've gotten a GOLD TOOTH.
Okay, so it wasn't too bad today. I mean, I HATE it, but it wasn't too bad. Not as bad as the root canal. The pain before the root canal.
Okay. I've ranted a lot. I think you can tell I was panicked.
Apparently Sally Hughes is here today. And its my last day here before school starts! I'm leaving tomorrow! How lucky is that! I'll be happy to see her, as she is one of my favorite people.
Cathy is coming home. In two days (unless a storm comes and ruins lives. :D) Finally! Some good ol' Cafe Rio, Barnes and Noble, Theatre Going BESTY TIME!
Listen to the NES remake of Sweet Child O' Mine. AWESOME. Reminds me of final fantasy and zelda. So cool!
I think I'm going to be friends with Mike. That will be good I think. The end.


Daniel T said...

LOL. That sounds like sheer torture. I shudder to think of the sound of a drill in my mouth mixing with Jar Jar Binks talking.