I recently went on a date with my first childhood crush. And... I don't have feelings for him or anything- it just gave me this weird closure. I was so happy about it. I can just imagine little me, being ridiculously happy that I was finally going on a date with my first crush. Childhood me is happy about it. Therefore I am. :D Its weird how things work out. It makes me happy to think of how giddy little me might have been.

I really love living with Jen. In case anyone was curious. There is this new found closeness. I mean, we have always been close. Always, from the moment we met. But, its different. Because now I actually get to spend time with her. Its just a little different. I like it.
I miss Rhett! Talked to him today for a bit on facebook, and he's just cool. The end.
Last night it was pretty late, and I had to work this morning. Jen and I kept saying "WE NEED TO GO TO BED!" I was about to sleep, and who shows up at my door! MEGGAN!!!!! Now. I love meggan. But I didn't think we had so much to catch up on that we would stay up until 6 am.... we did. Gosh I miss having her around.
Cathy will be home in 18 days. Happiness.

Thats cool. Not sure how accurate is. But whatever. I rock!

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I took a lot of these online. This one makes me look best. But the lowest I got was 92 wpm. So. I always look pretty awesome.

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Speed test

Harry Potter and The Crazy Costumed Fiends!

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I'm so excited for Harry Potter to come out tomorrow night. I have my tickets, and my costume and my wizard/witch crew! Ready to go!! I'm going to Pansy, as always. Good ol' Slytherin scum. Last night we watched all the Harry Potter movies. Fun marathon. There was a lot of heckling. Until we reached the fifth movie, which I actually like. :D
We also made everyone wands!!!! They are blood brilliant! Seriously they look fantastic! SO EXCITED!!!! GOD BLESS HARRY POTTER DAY!