I haven't written in a while because I've been busy. Even right now... I SHOULD be doing something else. *Stops to find monologue*
*finds monologue, 2 minutes later*
Alright. I'm super quick. Now what was I saying? Oh yes, there is always something I SHOULD be doing besides blogging. But I promise I'll fill you in once this week is over. Lets just say, ACTF was awesome. And CLOSER has been so freakin' great. Crazy busy, and sometimes stressful, but so fantastic.

fun facts about your favorite asian. (Scoot over hye soo.)

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I've been tagged in like... a thousand of these on facebook so I feel I must do one now. Ugh. Which brings me to number one.

1. I hate forwards. In emails. I hate when people forward me things. You know those dumb jokes and pictures? The only person who can do so without totally pissing me off is my mother. And that is because she is cute... and little when it comes to email, hasn't had it long, and doesn't realize how annoying it is. :)
2. Some of my favorite people in the world.... are still people from my childhood. People I will never see again. *Sigh*
3. Speaking of favorite people- I really love my pez friend. None of you know her. But I'm pretty sure I've found an eternal friend in her.
4. I think I'd make one hell of a casting director.
5. I wish I had blue eyes.
6. I seriously wish I could go back in time and be part of the cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
7. I love the smell of a good bookstore.
8. I believe that a video game with a really good story... FEELS like acting. Yeah. I know. Weird right? But playing knights of the old republic... or Mass Effect, I really feel.. uhh. In character? Yeah. Weird. But so awesome.
9. If every process of theatre I go through for the rest of my life is like Closer- I'll be UBER content with the way my life is.
10. I wish I had more friends who liked video games. I don't really play them as much as I want to.
11. I'm convinced that one day I'll hug Natalie Portman.
12. And thank Amy Adams.
13. I aspire to have a career like Mary-Louise Parker. Stage, and film and WONDERFUL!
14. I want an action figure of me to be made. So Uhhh, I better be in an action film one day. :)
15. To me, the Adams Theatre is one of the happiest places on earth.
16. I like being asian. Eating chinese food always brings back feelings of my chinese family, and visiting them in Taiwan. And its, well its just a really happy feeling.
17. I wish I was better at pool and poker. They are quite delightful.
18. I despise change. I know on the other side its usually okay, but crossing through it bugs me.
19. I love when it is my birthday. My birthday is a very happy day for me. I approve.
20. I like weapons. I think knives and swords are SUPER cool. And I just think guns are fascinating. I don't think I'd ever want to use them to hurt people- so maybe I just like shiny things.
21. I wish I had a better vocabulary.
22. I call Chuck Taylor's "Clives." I saw sin city, Clive Owen wears Chucks, and ... I wrote a song titled: "Red Clives For Christmas" So yeah, if I ever say "Nice Clives!" Or "Ooo I want purple clives!" you'll know what I'm referring to now.
22. I'm not sure I like the shape of my face. I'm not sure I dislike it either.
23. Occasionally, only occasionally, I feel like a part of me is hiding behind my glasses.
24. Ellesse Smells.
25. I think I'm prone to addiction in all things because I have no self control. Hahahaha. Or hardly any.