I'm a puppy.

I miss my best friend.
Its like she lives in never-never-land. I feel like she is off in this place that doesn't even exist. (Check our her mermaid pictures.)
I am fine. Yeah. Fine. I can stand on my own two feet, all that crap. I'll survive. It still sucks.


Being at home use to be so easy. But now its so hard.

Because... Cedar City feels like my home now.

There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets; this is the latter. There are bond movies and bond movies, this is the latter.

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I'm fairly certain that in the past I've blogged about how much I love Casino Royale.
A lot.
I've always loved James Bond a great deal, but Daniel Craig did for James Bond movies what Christian Bale did for Batman movies. Saved its soul you know? Casino Royale= Macbeth allusions. Die Another Day=Raunchy sex+Halle Berry not believing in her own world, and proof she should stay away from awesome action franchises. Like x-men. Oh yeah, and what was with that "Yes, I'm actually ASIAN" guy in a transformer suit.

I did love goldeneye (Aww yeah), but it seemed like the last few Pierce Brosnan... well, it makes Casino look like Shakespeare compared to...  that which must not be named. ("I am not fit to raise this child." All that.)
And I really can't even begin to describe to you the excitement I have for the new James Bond movie. I haven't been this excited for a movie since star wars. THAT is saying something. I'm excited. I'm afraid. I mean, what if its not as good. Daniel Craig is amazing. But I most certainly had a soft spot for the best bond girl ever. Vesper, doubtful that she can be topped. All I ask is that her presence is there. His broken heart, her presence, it has to be there or I'll die.

Fall list...

I carved a pumpkin. Sorta. I mean. I threw it. Thats carving it.
I have a luigi hat and gloves so far.
I've written the missionary but not sent the letter. Getting there.
I bought two great jackets.
Awww yeah.

I finger painted... a blood... thingy. Also I'm a geisha. Or white. Hard to say.

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I have disney aids.
I know I know I know. I'm stupid. YET-... not stupid. BECAUSE I HAVE DISNEY in me FOREVER.
Ellesse went to disneyland recently, and filled up a water bottle with pirates of the carribbean water.
She may or may not have had a sip and gotten really sick. Alex and I may or may not have thought that was a freakishly cool idea.. you know, having a piece of disneyland in you forever and done the same.

And felt.. sick.
The way I see it, the bad is battling the disney goodness, and once disney wins out I'll be happy forever. And no, I don't regret drinking the water. Totally worth it.
I did some interesting finger paintings with Chelsea, Ellesse and Alex, and then we all slept in my bed. Not to mention the amazingly pink comfy cart Chelsea and I created. We are cool.
It was sweet, and a really happy night. And Alex read the poo
 book, which makes me want to shoot myself, but now when I poo I can't help but laugh. Perhaps I should keep that to myself.
I'm really excited to see Facing East.
Ellesse's blog made me think. Yeah, we ARE going to create opportunities for ourselves.
We are. And its going to be the greatest thing we've ever done. You can't make them let us act, but, heck, we can just stand up and do it on our own.

The shape of things was one of the coolest movies I've seen in a really long time. Especially of that genre. I can't stop thinking about it. Mind=Boggled. Heart=Hurty... in that good... "ooo art" sorta way.
OH OH OH! AND! We had a ridiculously EPIC BATTLE in stage combat. I mean, we were facing each other, banging out sticks into the ground... people were growling, it was lord of the rings, and we CHARGED. I certainly felt like I was in a war. And now I want to be in action movies. Speaking of movies, we did this little tiny (so tiny it barely existed) film section in acting II. Uhh, awesome. Uhh, no.. I mean... I want a camera... so I can do it... with every scene ever.

Writing Ellesse Smells everywhere is the highlight... of my life. You may think that is pathetic but I PROMISE it will be the highlight of your life if you start. There is no stopping. Its a most addictive drug. I write it everywhere. If you see it, it means I had a moment of weakness. I took the writing utensil in my hand and gave in.
There is no quiting now.

It is too lifelike.

They don't like the shape of it.

I'm not justifying anything, I'm just saying. I'm not saying anything.

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Alex and I did our Acting II scene yesterday in Carrie and Shani's apartment.
You know, in the space, without blocking, or ever really doing it before. I'll tell you what. I really enjoyed doing a scene... without having to worry about the audience. Their prospective, projecting... all that crap. 3D MAN! Its as if... we had a ridiculously elaborate set!

It. Felt. Awesome.
It was just Alice and Dan. In a room. Talking. I'm fairly certain I've never done a scene like that before, but I'll tell you what! I'm doing it far more often.
Also, Ellesse, Carrie and Kristen were a great- Audience isn't the right word.

I don't feel so dark and twisty anymore. The suitcase and hall can wait.

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I remember the first night I played Castle Crashers with Alex and Ellesse.
Awesome night. Really, really brought us together.
Beating it?
Oh, that brought us together so much more.
Who knew I could feel so peaceful in a Wal-Mart?
Well, whatever. The point is, sometimes you look back at a moment after its settled. If you knew just how far you would come from the beginning of Castle Crashers to the end.. with all the broken xbox in between, well...
maybe you wouldn't mind being without your xbox for a few weeks.
Let it be written: After that night they became an unstoppable force.

Sometimes God needs to give you a kick in the rear.

Okay okay, I'm off my butt.

My Own October To Do List

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Thank you Jessy:

Carve a pumpkin.
Dress up like Luigi.
Write missionaries: I've been so bad lately.
Let go.
Buy a great jacket.

It is amazing to me the kind of power a secret can hold over people.  What you are willing to do to keep it, and the freedom that comes with revealing yourself to someone. The difference between now and then is staggering. Because I share everything with cathy, I feel like secrets no longer have power over me. And with each person I tell it relieves me of some burden. Pretty cool.

Here is a secret that isn't really a secret. I think morgan freeman is a boring actor.

Pff, Kate BeckinWHAT????? I should be Bastila despite the fact I'm asian- I mean, Uh, I... *force push* I have no idea what you're talking about.

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Stage combat is an awesome class. With the staff (double bladed lightsaber) I most certainly feel like a jedi.
Bastila Shan to be more precise. I honestly want to do a little "The Force Fights With Me!" scene.
With Malak. Or Revan. I'm doing it. I have to.
Playing a zombie, and a jedi in stage combat would be too much awesominity to handle. So many dream roles being pursued this year.
*Coughs* Alice. 

I also had a wonderful epiphany in acting II today. Nothing I haven't heard before, but you know how sometimes it just clicks better the tenth time. That happened. I love that feeling. Getting over little bumps in my way. Improving, I like that.

This blog is just a little bit stupid. Things are going well in school is all I'm saying... I guess. I really miss my bestest of all friends, Ms. Catherine. But I'm okay.
Night of Shakespeare is happening Nov. 13th. That is very exciting. Awesome people, awesome scenes.
Lysistrata is over. But I appreciate the little family it has provided me with. I love them. Dearly. And I feel like they will stick around.