Bear with you, you're hungry for revenge? Bear THIS! *punches marge's face*

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I'm a Classical Acting Major.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the sound of that.
I really like all of my acting classes right now. Acting II is awesome. I love everyone in my class, not to mention we had a cry-fest last class. Basically Bugg is awesome. And I'm so excited. Sham's Shakespeare class... with the whole... we are doing R&J and then As You Like It... Well I'm down with that.
Then stage combat. Swords=Yes. My awesome ninja clothes=Yes. And doing a bunch of scenes with Grawrock and Ellesse from Star Wars= I SAY YES TO THAT! :)

Did I mention that I predicted who would make the BFA? Yeah, I was like 95% accurate. That 5%... darn it.

Yay for the BFA!!

Ice cream time!
(Thank goodness it is HAPPY ice cream time!)

The Second To Last First Day Of School?!

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Alas ... school has started!
In the wee hours of the night (meaning midnight) my roomies and I were still awake. And now I realize how stupid even midnight is because I'm freaking tired.
Its ridiculous. But the first day of school went pretty well. I'm not sure if these are false predictions, but I think I'm going to like most of my classes a lot.
BFA auditions existed in my life yesterday. Those were interesting.
I think this semester is going to go okay. As far as academics anyway.

This was perhaps my second to last first day of school ever.
Thats WEIRD.
I remember in elementary school especially (but even now) the first day of school was about new school supplies, and school clothes.
Meeting the new teacher(s) and in some cases, being scared of them. A classroom full of familiar and unfamiliar faces.
Each new year brought a thousand memories I can't remember, and a few I can.
And this year will bring the same.
Many good, many bad. Most not remembered. And now will be no different. I hope.
And its close to my last.

Dear Alias Fans 2

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Since I'm a loser, I thought I might as well share the love.

Ummm... Guys...
Who's Rambaldi?
I say yes to this photo.

So geeky, I should be shot in the face with a large laser blaster. Thats the geek way to go.

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Perhaps I am the geekiest geek of them all.
*Ahem* Or perhaps I know far too much about the geek world.
Before I tell you this story, I'm going to mention a very geeky thing. Fanfiction.
For those of you who don't know what fanfiction is....
Urban Dictionary:
"A piece of fiction within a fandom utilizing characters and situations from a pre-existing work including (but not limited to) books, television programs, films, and comic strips. "
So basically, some nerd writes a small story about Harry Potter.
It gets worse.
Urban Dictionary:
"Genre of fanfiction involving pairing two male or female characters together"
So... some nerd writes a small story about... Harry Potter... in love with Draco Malfoy. Yay for gay!
Anyway, I was on the phone at work, and this guy called and asked me "Is Two Gentlemen of Verona a tragedy, comedy, or romance."
I answered him:
"It is a Comedy Slash Romance."
Well, suffice to say I burst into fits of laughter and had to put him on hold.
No one thought this was funny, because no one was geeky enough to get the reference.
People keep calling thinking that Two Gents is about gay lovers, because of this photo:
And this photo, you can call them crazy if you want... I think they are onto something. With... the slash....

I'm going to geek hell.

I'm Desperate.

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Took a quiz. I'm totally Lynette.
Awww yeah.

You too should take this short quiz.

Dear Alias Fans....

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Its all in the wrist Syd....

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I just remembered something hilarious! 

Back when I watched Alias in Jr. High... I loved playing NHL Hitz. Well, I created a team called "Nexus" and named all the team members after Alias characters. Vaughn... Tippin... and Sydney Bristow was the goalie.
I mean, that seems pretty bizarre, but Vaughn LOVES hockey. So its not so weird. :)

Thank you september, You are speaking my mind!

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I'm grasping at straws here people....
or grasping at nothing really.
Just air. Nothing to hold on to.
Its going.
We shall see how I manage by myself.
I suppose I'll just play lots of video games when cathy lives in hawaii. Hahahahaha.
Hey, Soul Calibur brings great joy to my heart. At least, it did. I think the new one can too. I remember when we all had different characters we were. Awwwwesome. Hahaha. For the most part, there we all are. Although I was assasin, and he isn't really ... real. Hah. There is asay being a creepy raper man Voldo. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Poor asay.

Well, I'm not sure I can handle myself right now. I'm like a ticking clock, just waiting to.... okay okay. I think shakespeare will be handy in this situation. Forget the ticking clock.
"My tongue will tell the anger of my heart,

Or else my heart concealing it will break"


For Shani

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I'm clearly a geek.

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Eh, the new movie will probably be bad... but uhh... I know I'll still love it.

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I just watched the old Return of the Jedi trailer.
It was so funny.
It started out well... an old guy saying

The best part was when the old guy said dramatic
ally "The cunning of the enemy!" And it cut to C-3PO falling off the sail barge.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure Clone Wars isn't going to be very good, but I'm still WAY excited.

If a fly and a human love each other, where will they live?

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Its an epic love story.
We are sitting in the box office. 

And a fly attacks me. It doesn't just fly around minding its own business like a normal fly. It attacks, not once, not twice, but countless times! It tries to go incognito in my hair... luckily hye soo has my back. We think it leaves to attack J-Dog and Grant, but no, it flies back through the small hole in the window to, kill or woo me yet again. It won't leave me alone, and then, another larger fly comes to its support.
I kill the larger fly, and the little one gets away.
Dare he try again? I will MURDER him.
P.S. Hye Soo and I screaming bloody murder and flailing our arms is quite a site to see... especially for patrons. 

The Force Fights With Me!

Author: Shexpeare / had this article about Star Wars heroes. Anyway, they were talking about Star Wars Fever.
I never could name it before, I just knew that nothing else held such excitement. It is Star Wars Fever. Nothing holds excitement like seeing a new star wars movie. Or playing a new game.
Clone Wars comes out this week AND then there will be another 100 episodes on TV, plus the Force Unleashed comes out.
Freaking, Yay.
Perhaps its geeky. But the geekiness brings a sorta giddy childlike excitement that ungeeky people only dream of feeling this often. :)
It all began when they released the special editions in theatres, and then I remember in the 5th grade waiting for Episode I to come out. I got a whole day off school. I went and saw the midnight showing and then my mom let me sleep in. What an awesome event. Waiting for Attack of the Clones. And watching it early (ahahahha, some crappy recorded version)
And then Revenge of the Sith. Boy did I cry.
People may say the prequels are stupid. In acting terms, they are. But I still love them. For some reason, whatever it is, I just love them. I just love star wars.

Ah! A furby in the night...

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I am deadly serious when I say that I feel great spite for:
A.) Hawaii.

I'm also serious when I say, I hear that its just an island full of zombies, furbys and the naked fat people.
B.) Time.
It is like the end of an era.
C.) ... *sigh*
There is no C.
I don't feel spite, just sadness in all other areas.
I really can wait for school to start. I can wait for my best friend to move away.
It CAN, is capable, of waiting.
But life is refusing me this small request: Let me grow up later. Let me DEAL later.
This is why jedi don't form attachments. It only ends in fear. And we all know where that leads. :)

A zombie tried to kill this little guy, but he obviously stayed alive. Watch out people of the "great" state of hawaii. He is coming for you! Zombie 24601!

Also, this is the greatest thing ever.

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Plus link is awesome. Together they will RULE THE WORLD!

You're going to kill him, aren't you?

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Earlier I mentioned that I have the force.

This may or may not be true. (Evidence of my awesominity suggests that I might, but my midichlorian count is far lower than a jedi. No Qui-Gon Jinn did not poke me with a little device made out of a men's razor.....
I did that myself.)
BUT whether or not I'm a jedi does not matter.
I relate to Anakin Skywalker.

The anger. The passion. The love.
I understand him.
And I think I've got it down. I think the bitterness... at least the worst of it, has finally passed through my veins.
I turned to the dark side for a few years... or more.... and now I'm back. Good ol' young happy me.
Back. Perhaps no one will notice the difference. But I feel it.
 Lets keep it.

So thank goodness for Luke. I'm sure cathy doesn't appreciate being compared to Mark Hamill though. I mean, he is a scar face now.
Ouch. That was rude. Poor Marky.
How about we compare her to Obi-wan. He is Anakin's best friend. Ewan is awesome. Moulin Rouge. He's basically a singing jedi. Cries over the loss of Nicole Kidman.
Yeah. That is more like it. :)

Whichever Your Majesty Prefers

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So guess what I realized. I like my job.

I mean not like- 
Tasha: Wow, I could do this forever. God bless the ticket office business. I sure am a ticket OFFICER!...

Nah. I'm no dwight the volunteer sheriff.
But I like my job. I get to read and, The Other Boleyn Girl is proving to be quite fantastic.

Go the Natalie Portman acting out the book in my head! You go port port... you go...

I have the force

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About a year... or maybe a year and half ago, (we could probably look it up, I did blog about it after all) I had this horrible dream. If I recall, when I blogged I mentioned that I woke up crying because it seemed so real.

Hahaha, the irony. It IS real. Its like I'm a jedi, and I had a vision of the future.
I was so scared when I woke up, I ran all the way to Cathy, upstairs in eccles, to get a good ol' fashion Cathy hug. It was a comfort. Really.
And now that it is happening...
Anyway, I'm a jedi who has visions. Seriously. I have the force.

I often think that I cry hard when watching certain movies. But nothing ever makes me feel or cry as hard as life.

Sometimes I hate life.
Every time it gives you something good (good doesn't even begin to describe HOW good) it rips it away before you even have a chance to protest.
And your protests do nothing at all.
Life tricks you into being happy and the moment you let your guard down it stabs you in the face.

This is so much worse. 
This, or that, don't even compare.
Still fighting growing up. But it isn't stopping to let me enjoy it.

I'm alone for a while. I'll just have to deal with that.