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By the way, I live in the greatest apartment known to man. (Besides the sad little flooding.. and bugs... and such...) I live with Cathy and Hye Soo... with a ridiculously big TV name Olevia. And Xbox 360 named Claire, and a wonderful selection of movies. Not to mention my great toy chest.

Well, its certainly feels like home.

I want to be a vampire... roaming new york city and turning sherie into a blood sucking beast.

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Alright, I haven't blogged in a while. I should be blogging more from now on, since I'm at work on the computer everyday.

I just wanted to say, New York is amazing. Something about that city inspires a great love in my heart. I saw it... in the middle of the night after a ridiculously long trip. I popped up from the subway and was in awe. So.. beautiful, so bohemian. Full of life.
I really can't describe how happy it makes me.
Speaking of happy, The Little Mermaid was the most magical show on earth, and Spring Awakening was AMAZING.
Best. Trip. Ever.
I recently re-watched Underworld 1 and 2. Hahahah. Yeah, gotta love them vampires.

Sierra Boggess... Little Ariel, she was such a sweet girl. She gave me a hug. Too bad Sherie ditched out on us. We looked for her at every starbucks. Silly woman.