Heroes In A Half Shell! Turtle Power!

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What is there to say about our latest dorky accomplishment.
I really love ninja turtles a lot. I mean look at that picture, first of all, what is leo doing? I mean, he looks like he is posing for playboy. The others are acting more appropriately, but yeah.. playboy. This game is amazing. It reminds me of when I was a kid playing Ninja Turtles In Time. That was a great game!!! Does anyone remember that game? I'm so fond of these turtles.

Halo- AHHH AHHH AHHH ... uhh roomates? Uh oh... quiet hye soo... quiet..

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We have also beaten Halo, there is much more to do. Legendary for example, but pretty much... we are awesome. Little Sushi/Fandalorian screamed SO loud and woke up my roomate it was hilarious. The flood is gross, but we rock. Oh, and let us not forget scotts awesominity in all of this.

Super Mario 3 La La La- AHHHH BOWSER

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Hye Soo and I screamed when we finally fought Bowser. He was scary- what can I say? Isn't mario just ridiculously cute?!?!?!

It is interesting.

Death isn't the right word. There is no right word. I feel like-
There isn't anything like it. I just can't fathom it. I don't understand.

I feel like death.


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So pretty much enchanted was the happiest movie ever made. Disney is back my friends... disney is back.
I really can't even explain HOW happy I am after seeing it. I felt like spinning- and I did, I felt like dancing- and I did- singing and I DID!
A movie has never made me this happy.
It was just... way too good to be true.

I feel like life really is enchanted now. Sounds corny? Go see the movie. You will see what I mean. Yay!!!!

P.S. Green HyeSoo- also very happy and disneyish. Which is weird- disney.. in pillowman. I dunno, pillowman himself was a cute little guy.

Update: Oh yeah, and when Idina came out we all gasped. I had no idea she was in it! Hehehe. What a good night.
Don't stand don't stand so... don't stand so close to me! :)
To top it all off, Jen Kristen and I stayed up really late and right before we went to bed we looked outside and the snow was BEAUTIFUL! Untouched, brand new... first snow. The silence.
It was kristens first real snow.