Being at home is so easy.
There isn't really a better explanation than that. I can't believe I have to go back to two weeks of finals and other stressful crap.
Crappity crap. Totally strong bad voice.. oh beefy.

Thanksgiving of DOOM ... I mean... LOVE!

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I am thankful foooor:

  • I am thankful for the boys. "The Boys" being Chase Sousa and Cameron. I miss them. Seriously. Being in Orem makes me realize just how much I hate that they aren't around.
  • I'm thankful for my awesome hardback individual shakespeare books... yeah. I ordered them online forever ago and they were in my room when I got home. They are beautiful.
  • This is random: I am thankful for McDreamy. Hahahah. He is too beautiful for his own good. I am not ashamed that I am grateful for NATALIE PORTMAN!!! Happiness.
  • Star Wars. I was watching A New Hope, that movie is so good. So good. Sooooo... goooood. With extra Ohs on everything. You know who also deserves extra Ohs on everything? Emily. My star wars friend. No one understand but her....
  • My parents. I'm spoiled. They are way too good to me. My entire being is based around the type of people they are. I can't imagine a betrayal from either of them, I trust them so much. Very thankful for home...
  • I am NOT thankful for the stupid people who cut down that awesome tree by my house. Damn them.
  • My Pez Friend. :) I get no greater joy than visiting and playing donkey kong with her.
  • Hye Soo. It is nice to have another asian around. Plus she is cool and plays mario with me. She is also a zombie. Hye Soo=Awesominity. Seriously though, I love her so much.
  • Jen and Anne. I don't even know what to say. The love flows. Like a river. With fish. And perhaps a drowning man.. who is caught up in the amount of love and he couldn't handle it. He thought to himself "Wow, no one has ever loved me this much... My life is not filled with such happiness- I shall stop swimming." And then Jen and Anne superTAGTEAM and save him using ropes, chester, and a straw they found. Like a disney movie..Then he falls in love with Jen and Rhett punches him. Like when Jen and Rhett met for the firstime. And he punched that one guy. He is a badass.
  • Rhett.
  • The fake Rhett from my stories who punches people out of love for Jen.
  • Chester. We have come to an understanding.
  • THE STAGE CRAFT ROYAL COURT. Sir Knight Night at your service King Robert Bowden. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU Chancellor Waldo Milton BRRRRRREEESEEEEE...
  • The magicalness that is Cedar City.
  • My brothers.
  • Shauna. You brought me such things as murder mysteries, cranium and that one game where you chop people's heads off. Where would I be without you? Not chopping off heads.. thats for sure.
  • ROCK BAND! The game... comes with DRUMS people. DRUMS- I just can't get over it.
  • Cathy's little sister. Pretty much the coolest little sister in the history of the world.
  • Cam's little sister is up there too.
  • Oh.. and Brits.
  • Hoffo. Shmoo. Kristi. They fill me with knowledge like no Jedi Master ever could.
  • Cathy. She is the beefy glafin of my thuggin doobie. Iiinurd. I would be a fraud not to appreciate the pure and hefty love that drained out of- uhhhh lets not go there. Just know she is the best friend ever.
  • This list is a lot more extensive than I wanted it to be. I shall now end it. There are so many more people and things I'm thankful for, but you know those drums I was talking about? I have a journey, sir, shortly to go; My master calls me, I must not say no. First person to name that play gets a TREAT FROM ME!!! I love you all. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
  • Thanksgiving. A holiday JUST FOR FOOD. How great is that?!?!

Cool christmas presents... that just happen to be very ME specific... oh I'm such a spoiled br-

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In honor of the christmas spirit I am feeling right now (or maybe I've just had too much orange juice... and its early) I am posting pictures of things I think would be cool christmas presents.. haha... for me. Alright, perhaps later I'll post a general "Things that would be cool christmas presents" but right now this is a very specific ME list. If you get these things for your mom and didn't listen to my warning its your own fault.
Flying beegeebees.
(Beegeebees= totally a word.)
But seriously, a general christmas list sounds fun. Remind me to do that Hye Fu.
Lets get started. Besides the usual underwear and socks:

Neat isn't it? I decided... I like superheroes- why don't I own more superhero shirts? This is totally a must on my christmas list. Its just neat.
This shirt is totally awesome. You know it. I know it. You can run from the truth all you want but this shirt will still be amazing.

(That sounds familar. Family Guy?)

A phone. My phone is broken. Blah. This isn't EXACTLY the phone I want. I was hoping for a newer model, but I'm not picky.

I'm sick of not having comic books. Besides, what is better than a superhero who chats animately WHILE fighting.

This thing is amazing. Cathy owns one and it just makes my hair so much better. I don't even know how or why... it just loves me and ...I love it and ...I want it. And CHI is a cool name. Like karate... and asianess. Chi? Is that the right word. OOo or chia pets. Maybe I should add that to this list.. and .... wait.. what was the question?

Laugh all you want at the comic book nerdiness, but I totally want a subscription. I just can't get enough wolvery goodness.

Alright, truth be told- I accidentally uploaded this photo. BUT a sousa and a cute and little for christmas doesn't seem so bad. Don't tell me I can't have them! Its christmas- anything can happen!

I currently own the soundtrack to Revenge of the Sith and Attack of the Clones. I totally want the rest. John Williams is just way too talented for his own damn good. The man is trying to KILL me with this music. Also- I don't own a copy of The Phantom Menace DVD. Its sad really. Despite the fact I hate Jar Jar Binks... I mean... I still want it. Darth Maul is worth the troubled gungan.

Its-a-me! MARIO!!

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A longboard.
Fun transportation? THINK AGAIN! Not only would I look like a poser- I think I would hurt myself. So I guess that idea is just a tiny bit out of the window.

I don't have any food in my house. I'm going home to Orem today and obviously I didn't want to stock my fridge but I'm kinda starving in the mean time.

I'm ridiculously excited for christmas.

Here is a shout out to the only person reading my blog- Hye Soo. We beat Super Mario and we are working on Super Mario 3- we intend to finish them all. I'll keep you updated.

Can you believe that? Now try a more difficult quest! You work and you work and you work to save a princess and what do you get? Patronized. What a whore.
But seriously- you beat the game. You feel accomplished. Why did they feel the need to take that away?!?!?!?!


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See, this seems like it shouldn't be so scary... but I'll tell you now- I was freaking out. :)

homesick.. or maybe a hermit

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So I feel a little homesick.
I mean, there is always a little part of me that misses home, family, and certain trees. (And all sorts of little things like that- as silly as it sounds.)
I miss my childhood.
But usually I don't actually feel homeSICK. That is a weird feeling. Its worse than just missing.

Or perhaps I'm just lonely. I have been alone at my house all day.
I think it is making me go insane.
What if I get homesick and I live even further away.
Out of state.
Sometimes I wonder if I can handle it.

I'm here though aren't I?