you'll begin to wonder...

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Yesterday I didn't have a good day.
I felt frustrated and angry. I don't know why exactly.
Many reasons.
They weren't really resolved either.

Hey you know what. Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try I'll never become as good as I want to be.
I mean, right now, I'm not great but I always felt like if I worked really hard that I could become great.
Won't find out until I try eh?

Irene Crappity Crap

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The Howl is tonight, I wouldn't be going except that Cathy is performing with Ballroom and I'm really excited to see her awesome costume and stuff... so I'm going to watch them perform.
Then we are going to see Across the Universe, which has decided to grace us with its presence here in Cedar City. OOO Elizabeth THE SEQUEL! Is also playing. That is exciting.
I have not yet seen the new episode of The office this week (I'll watch in online in time) but last weeks episode was beautiful. One of my favorites. Jim and Pam at Dwights ranch. Beat Hotel. Does it get better than that?
I'm stressing out about the Irene Ryans a little. No really... picking scenes for Cathy and I stresses me out. I have ideas about what I want to do but nothing seems perfect enough. I want to be able to pick what I want and then do it! I'll do my best, but WHY.. WHY must it be perfect. Bah, nevermind, its hard to explain. "They" (and I'm not even sure exactly WHO it is I'm referring to) expect the scenes to have the perfect arc, the perfect balance between you and your partner (not too much you, but still a little bit you... hahahahah) and... AND! BLAH!
Screw "They" (ahahha that just reminded me of Juhneesee and Shmoo's who are THEEEY anyway) I shall do what I wish. Go with my instincts.
Does it really matter if I move on, as long as I grew from the experience.


Forgvie me, that was a pointless rant no one cares about. As is ... this.. whole.. entire... blog. *Sigh*

how to save a life

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I was watching the office, and I realized that Jan's assistant in season three is this kid who is on heroes now. Man, he is on two of my favorite shows. I'm so jealous.
Okay, that was random.
My parents are in cedar city visiting!! We are going to see the Tempest today, I'm excited. I'm really in a shakespeare mood right now.

Closer will end up being good. If it is the last thing I do. Cathy and I.... its just a feeling I have.

you paid how much?

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Our group... our little group of friends... little thespians in high school... we had an interesting dynamic.
I haven't found anything quite like it. Anything that makes me feel quite like that.
Powerful. Free. Like I could do anything.
I miss the guys.