sisterhood of death

Author: Shexpeare /

Here I am in cedar city.. I don't have the internet in my home so it is hard to blog.
I'm currently in the adam's box office using their computers.
It is really amazing being here. Seriously. If nothing else, the social aspects of my job are awesome.
All of these wonderful actors who I admire go to the same parties that I do.
It is a little unreal actually.
The shows have been great so far. I've only seen two and I'm seeing King Lear tonight.
My favorite play.
Ridiculously excited.
Hope it is good!
There was a gopher... type... little... animal thing in the randall that we were trying to catch. That was totally awesome.
Well, it is a little lonely with Sousa, Chase and Cam, but Cathy and I have managed well.
WOOO! Let the magicalness... begin... ish..ness...
Oh, and I'm totally part of a sisterhood.