plug your nose!!

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It could happen. After all this time. It can happen.

I'm glad you can come back to this safe place...

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If dreams are a clue into what a person is really thinking... then I'm not lying to myself. Which is a good thing.
But I also think about flying purple elephants. The evil kind. :) Hahah.

Why do my dreams revolve around the same thing. Well, not really.. i...hmm..
Okay. Its me and the boys. Chase, Sousa, Asay, Bench, and even Chris who I never see anymore. Its me and the boys, kinda like in high school.
We are in a different location everytime I dream, diffrent surroundings...but the same general thing happens. I get totally shut out. Chase and Sousa not as much. They just seem to be keeping secrets with the others. Asay betrays me. Bench talks bad about me when he thinks I can't hear, and Chris is totally emotionally detached.


I wouldn't even think twice about it, except that I keep dreaming it. And I remember more than I do when I usually dream.

NOTE: Okay. I just read that and I realized that DOES happen in real life. Chase and Sousa keep secrets, to protect me. Happens all the time. Hahah :) I suppose on occasion I felt like Asay betrayed me.. I mean we don't really talk anymore. Betrayed isn't the right word but the feeling is there. No ones fault. I suppose I am a little paranoid Bench actually finds me annoying. And Chris has always seemed that way.
I'm not trying to speak bad about any of these boys. I love them all and they have been great friends. Its just... a feeling.

hard and strong indeed.... iiiiinerd...

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Enjoyed this movie. A hefty lot.

How did indeed become iiinerd? I dunno.

just appreciating 8 bit theatre....

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All Singing, All Dancing Crap of the World.

Gave me a good chuckle. It did. It did.

or... candy.... or...cocaine!!!

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So here we are. Another day.
I should be doing homework.
I bought Arrested Development last night. Cathy and I enjoyed the extended pilot a hefty lot.
Imagine yourself, discovering that your husband or wife had been cheating on you. You suspected for a long time, and you wished so hard to find the truth, but when you found it...
well of course you weren't happy. But you weren't even relieved like you thought you would be.
Now stop imagining that because it is sad.
That isn't what I mean. That isn't a good example. Something less depressing. I think I've got it this time:
Imagine that your favorite person in the world was going far far away because a wonderful opportunity was given to them. You are happy for them, but mostly you just want them to stay. You'll miss them.
You find out that the opportunity was taken away. You think at this moment of discovery you would be so grateful they were staying.
Instead you are heartbroken for them.
That is how I feel.
Alright, I'm done drabbling. Speaking of drabble, I read a review for a teen movie and the reviewer said "It wasn't like most awful teen drabble... (that's you cheetah girls)"
It made me laugh. Now go live and don't think too much.

Why am I stupid?
Why do I get so attached to things that aren't mine.