What I Did Today

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Went to French Class, Aced the Quiz.
Here comes the good part:
Went back to bed.
Slept for a few hours.
Woke up. Laid in bed.
Was brought breakfast.
Read Respect for Acting for an hour.
Played video games.

It has been an uber happy day. I like relaxing :)

I'm learning a whole lot from the books Cathy gave me for my birthday.
They are really awesome!!! I'm learning new things, and being
reminded of old things.
I have goals. Things I want to get better at. :) I'm excited.
I feel like I'm better.

Cathy is the doobie. :)

bobby watson, your eggplant is FREE!!!

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To the pink panther theme...
I'm free, I'm free, lalalalalala la la la FREEeeeEEE!!!

Alright. I feel free.
Tonight after classes I'm going home to.. do homework.
Yup. Homework.
No rehearsal. WOOT! I just feel this huge stress lifted off my shoulders.
Happy to do homework.

I need to remember I can always say no to a part. I can.
I'll get there. :)

Remember that nap, that beautiful heavenly nap I was talking about.

Totally didn't happen.
Homework happened.

don't walk away

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The show went pretty well last night. I can see my mistakes, but I feel like I've really grown in this role. It has been good for me. Its something I'm really enjoying. Once it is over, that will be good though. I need to take a freakishly long nap.

Freakishly long.

So so long.


Let me let you go.

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This week has been crazy. Coming back from Spring break (Which was awesome, go see 300) felt weird. But I think I'm back in the groove. I've come to find I did pretty well on all my midterms, that is happy.
The Waiting Place is going well. I think we will be ready tomorrow night for the preview and thursday will be even better. (Judges coming? Yikes.)
I'm having a lot of fun and I'm extremely happy I got the opportunity to be in the show. I auditioned for the directing II one act thingys today. I'll keep you updated on that.
So yes. Break was great but its good to be back.