I'm in two shows and I'm taking 20 credit hours.
I feel a little overwhelmed.
One day at a time.

Not Quite Wine or Brandy

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I auditioned and got a part in The Waiting Place.
Very excited. It was written by a student here at SUU and it's GREAT! I love it. I'm happy about my character, she is way doobie.
Also, if I didn't mention this before, I'm in the Vagina Monologues.
The greatest part is that I'm going to have a shirt that says VAGINA on it.
HAHAHAHAHA! Oh that's rich.

slimy yet satisfying

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I got my very first manicure today. It was quite a treat. I think it was one of those things in my instant karma book. Felt nice... :)
Next stop, pedicure. (They had foot massage machines. Very appealing.)
I had astronomy lab last night and it was out in the boonies. It was disgustingly cold but really fun. No one has ever shown me the sky like that.

today 4 u

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There is so much snow here it is ridiculous.
Winter wonderland? I THINK NOT! Its a dangerous adventure just getting to class. Ice is hidden under many safe looking snow-... ways....

I'm relly enjoying my classes. My script analysis class is fantastic. I hate getting up early. It sucks a monkey. That is my only complaint.

Sometimes I feel disappointed about things that really have nothiing to do with me. Is that wrong? I feel like a petty person. Sheesh.

chugging along

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The break is basically over! I'm quite unhappy the holiday season is dead. I love christmas so much. I had a very succesful Christmas this year!!!
Alright- driving for three hours is stressful for me. Travel= Stress. I'm always afraid I left something, or that things will be different where I'm going. I'm excited though. School is great, I'm just afraid it is going to be hard this semester. I'll be a lot busier.

Cedar City Here I come.

I have four goals to accomplish before the summer. I'll keep them to myself.