Heroes In A Half Shell! Turtle Power!

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What is there to say about our latest dorky accomplishment.
I really love ninja turtles a lot. I mean look at that picture, first of all, what is leo doing? I mean, he looks like he is posing for playboy. The others are acting more appropriately, but yeah.. playboy. This game is amazing. It reminds me of when I was a kid playing Ninja Turtles In Time. That was a great game!!! Does anyone remember that game? I'm so fond of these turtles.

Halo- AHHH AHHH AHHH ... uhh roomates? Uh oh... quiet hye soo... quiet..

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We have also beaten Halo, there is much more to do. Legendary for example, but pretty much... we are awesome. Little Sushi/Fandalorian screamed SO loud and woke up my roomate it was hilarious. The flood is gross, but we rock. Oh, and let us not forget scotts awesominity in all of this.

Super Mario 3 La La La- AHHHH BOWSER

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Hye Soo and I screamed when we finally fought Bowser. He was scary- what can I say? Isn't mario just ridiculously cute?!?!?!

It is interesting.

Death isn't the right word. There is no right word. I feel like-
There isn't anything like it. I just can't fathom it. I don't understand.

I feel like death.


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So pretty much enchanted was the happiest movie ever made. Disney is back my friends... disney is back.
I really can't even explain HOW happy I am after seeing it. I felt like spinning- and I did, I felt like dancing- and I did- singing and I DID!
A movie has never made me this happy.
It was just... way too good to be true.

I feel like life really is enchanted now. Sounds corny? Go see the movie. You will see what I mean. Yay!!!!

P.S. Green HyeSoo- also very happy and disneyish. Which is weird- disney.. in pillowman. I dunno, pillowman himself was a cute little guy.

Update: Oh yeah, and when Idina came out we all gasped. I had no idea she was in it! Hehehe. What a good night.
Don't stand don't stand so... don't stand so close to me! :)
To top it all off, Jen Kristen and I stayed up really late and right before we went to bed we looked outside and the snow was BEAUTIFUL! Untouched, brand new... first snow. The silence.
It was kristens first real snow.

Being at home is so easy.
There isn't really a better explanation than that. I can't believe I have to go back to two weeks of finals and other stressful crap.
Crappity crap. Totally strong bad voice.. oh beefy.

Thanksgiving of DOOM ... I mean... LOVE!

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I am thankful foooor:

  • I am thankful for the boys. "The Boys" being Chase Sousa and Cameron. I miss them. Seriously. Being in Orem makes me realize just how much I hate that they aren't around.
  • I'm thankful for my awesome hardback individual shakespeare books... yeah. I ordered them online forever ago and they were in my room when I got home. They are beautiful.
  • This is random: I am thankful for McDreamy. Hahahah. He is too beautiful for his own good. I am not ashamed that I am grateful for NATALIE PORTMAN!!! Happiness.
  • Star Wars. I was watching A New Hope, that movie is so good. So good. Sooooo... goooood. With extra Ohs on everything. You know who also deserves extra Ohs on everything? Emily. My star wars friend. No one understand but her....
  • My parents. I'm spoiled. They are way too good to me. My entire being is based around the type of people they are. I can't imagine a betrayal from either of them, I trust them so much. Very thankful for home...
  • I am NOT thankful for the stupid people who cut down that awesome tree by my house. Damn them.
  • My Pez Friend. :) I get no greater joy than visiting and playing donkey kong with her.
  • Hye Soo. It is nice to have another asian around. Plus she is cool and plays mario with me. She is also a zombie. Hye Soo=Awesominity. Seriously though, I love her so much.
  • Jen and Anne. I don't even know what to say. The love flows. Like a river. With fish. And perhaps a drowning man.. who is caught up in the amount of love and he couldn't handle it. He thought to himself "Wow, no one has ever loved me this much... My life is not filled with such happiness- I shall stop swimming." And then Jen and Anne superTAGTEAM and save him using ropes, chester, and a straw they found. Like a disney movie..Then he falls in love with Jen and Rhett punches him. Like when Jen and Rhett met for the firstime. And he punched that one guy. He is a badass.
  • Rhett.
  • The fake Rhett from my stories who punches people out of love for Jen.
  • Chester. We have come to an understanding.
  • THE STAGE CRAFT ROYAL COURT. Sir Knight Night at your service King Robert Bowden. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU Chancellor Waldo Milton BRRRRRREEESEEEEE...
  • The magicalness that is Cedar City.
  • My brothers.
  • Shauna. You brought me such things as murder mysteries, cranium and that one game where you chop people's heads off. Where would I be without you? Not chopping off heads.. thats for sure.
  • ROCK BAND! The game... comes with DRUMS people. DRUMS- I just can't get over it.
  • Cathy's little sister. Pretty much the coolest little sister in the history of the world.
  • Cam's little sister is up there too.
  • Oh.. and Brits.
  • Hoffo. Shmoo. Kristi. They fill me with knowledge like no Jedi Master ever could.
  • Cathy. She is the beefy glafin of my thuggin doobie. Iiinurd. I would be a fraud not to appreciate the pure and hefty love that drained out of- uhhhh lets not go there. Just know she is the best friend ever.
  • This list is a lot more extensive than I wanted it to be. I shall now end it. There are so many more people and things I'm thankful for, but you know those drums I was talking about? I have a journey, sir, shortly to go; My master calls me, I must not say no. First person to name that play gets a TREAT FROM ME!!! I love you all. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
  • Thanksgiving. A holiday JUST FOR FOOD. How great is that?!?!

Cool christmas presents... that just happen to be very ME specific... oh I'm such a spoiled br-

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In honor of the christmas spirit I am feeling right now (or maybe I've just had too much orange juice... and its early) I am posting pictures of things I think would be cool christmas presents.. haha... for me. Alright, perhaps later I'll post a general "Things that would be cool christmas presents" but right now this is a very specific ME list. If you get these things for your mom and didn't listen to my warning its your own fault.
Flying beegeebees.
(Beegeebees= totally a word.)
But seriously, a general christmas list sounds fun. Remind me to do that Hye Fu.
Lets get started. Besides the usual underwear and socks:

Neat isn't it? I decided... I like superheroes- why don't I own more superhero shirts? This is totally a must on my christmas list. Its just neat.
This shirt is totally awesome. You know it. I know it. You can run from the truth all you want but this shirt will still be amazing.

(That sounds familar. Family Guy?)

A phone. My phone is broken. Blah. This isn't EXACTLY the phone I want. I was hoping for a newer model, but I'm not picky.

I'm sick of not having comic books. Besides, what is better than a superhero who chats animately WHILE fighting.

This thing is amazing. Cathy owns one and it just makes my hair so much better. I don't even know how or why... it just loves me and ...I love it and ...I want it. And CHI is a cool name. Like karate... and asianess. Chi? Is that the right word. OOo or chia pets. Maybe I should add that to this list.. and .... wait.. what was the question?

Laugh all you want at the comic book nerdiness, but I totally want a subscription. I just can't get enough wolvery goodness.

Alright, truth be told- I accidentally uploaded this photo. BUT a sousa and a cute and little for christmas doesn't seem so bad. Don't tell me I can't have them! Its christmas- anything can happen!

I currently own the soundtrack to Revenge of the Sith and Attack of the Clones. I totally want the rest. John Williams is just way too talented for his own damn good. The man is trying to KILL me with this music. Also- I don't own a copy of The Phantom Menace DVD. Its sad really. Despite the fact I hate Jar Jar Binks... I mean... I still want it. Darth Maul is worth the troubled gungan.

Its-a-me! MARIO!!

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A longboard.
Fun transportation? THINK AGAIN! Not only would I look like a poser- I think I would hurt myself. So I guess that idea is just a tiny bit out of the window.

I don't have any food in my house. I'm going home to Orem today and obviously I didn't want to stock my fridge but I'm kinda starving in the mean time.

I'm ridiculously excited for christmas.

Here is a shout out to the only person reading my blog- Hye Soo. We beat Super Mario and we are working on Super Mario 3- we intend to finish them all. I'll keep you updated.

Can you believe that? Now try a more difficult quest! You work and you work and you work to save a princess and what do you get? Patronized. What a whore.
But seriously- you beat the game. You feel accomplished. Why did they feel the need to take that away?!?!?!?!


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See, this seems like it shouldn't be so scary... but I'll tell you now- I was freaking out. :)

homesick.. or maybe a hermit

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So I feel a little homesick.
I mean, there is always a little part of me that misses home, family, and certain trees. (And all sorts of little things like that- as silly as it sounds.)
I miss my childhood.
But usually I don't actually feel homeSICK. That is a weird feeling. Its worse than just missing.

Or perhaps I'm just lonely. I have been alone at my house all day.
I think it is making me go insane.
What if I get homesick and I live even further away.
Out of state.
Sometimes I wonder if I can handle it.

I'm here though aren't I?

you'll begin to wonder...

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Yesterday I didn't have a good day.
I felt frustrated and angry. I don't know why exactly.
Many reasons.
They weren't really resolved either.

Hey you know what. Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try I'll never become as good as I want to be.
I mean, right now, I'm not great but I always felt like if I worked really hard that I could become great.
Won't find out until I try eh?

Irene Crappity Crap

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The Howl is tonight, I wouldn't be going except that Cathy is performing with Ballroom and I'm really excited to see her awesome costume and stuff... so I'm going to watch them perform.
Then we are going to see Across the Universe, which has decided to grace us with its presence here in Cedar City. OOO Elizabeth THE SEQUEL! Is also playing. That is exciting.
I have not yet seen the new episode of The office this week (I'll watch in online in time) but last weeks episode was beautiful. One of my favorites. Jim and Pam at Dwights ranch. Beat Hotel. Does it get better than that?
I'm stressing out about the Irene Ryans a little. No really... picking scenes for Cathy and I stresses me out. I have ideas about what I want to do but nothing seems perfect enough. I want to be able to pick what I want and then do it! I'll do my best, but WHY.. WHY must it be perfect. Bah, nevermind, its hard to explain. "They" (and I'm not even sure exactly WHO it is I'm referring to) expect the scenes to have the perfect arc, the perfect balance between you and your partner (not too much you, but still a little bit you... hahahahah) and... AND! BLAH!
Screw "They" (ahahha that just reminded me of Juhneesee and Shmoo's who are THEEEY anyway) I shall do what I wish. Go with my instincts.
Does it really matter if I move on, as long as I grew from the experience.


Forgvie me, that was a pointless rant no one cares about. As is ... this.. whole.. entire... blog. *Sigh*

how to save a life

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I was watching the office, and I realized that Jan's assistant in season three is this kid who is on heroes now. Man, he is on two of my favorite shows. I'm so jealous.
Okay, that was random.
My parents are in cedar city visiting!! We are going to see the Tempest today, I'm excited. I'm really in a shakespeare mood right now.

Closer will end up being good. If it is the last thing I do. Cathy and I.... its just a feeling I have.

you paid how much?

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Our group... our little group of friends... little thespians in high school... we had an interesting dynamic.
I haven't found anything quite like it. Anything that makes me feel quite like that.
Powerful. Free. Like I could do anything.
I miss the guys.

my little harlequins, how I love thee!

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Well, school has started. I have a few interesting goals for the year, we will see how those go.
With festival and rehearsal going, I'm a little stressed. I'm happy though, I enjoy all of my classes and I don't think I got any bum teachers this year.
I'm eating fruit for breakfast. And I have freaking amazing bookends. Can life get better?
I submit that it cannot!

Remember when I said I was killing myself slowly.
Oh yeah.
I'm so done doing that.
I'm a spartan. Strong and Hard.
So screw you man.

Bugs bugs bugs... kill kill kill... read read read.

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Facebook is way better than myspace. That is all.

I really like my scrapbook. Its just a little notebook full of scraps. Its highly entertaining to me.
It is way cooler than a scrapbook scrapbook. A book of scraps, who would have thought...
anyway, the days are going by really fast now. The summer is halfway over and I'm really excited
for school!! I can't wait. I'm hoping that my schedule works out. I don't know how I'm going to
fit certain things but I don't care. I get to buy a new notebook and pencils and pens, and all those
wonderful things. Plus I won't have to live with bugs anymore. I'll have a nice little private
room at eccles. I do have a strange love for The Little Bug Infested Cathy Tasha Bohemian Shakespeare House.
I don't know when Cathy and I will get to be roomates again, and I'll miss living with her. She is the best.
But its okay... I will have an awesome room on campus.
There is something about having a little place of your own whever you go.
I'm shakespeare decorating. :) Genius. I'm going to buy little knights and everything.

Oh, this girl called me the shakespeare police. I'm cool.

Well, I'm going to watch Tomb Raider now. Daniel Craig is hot.
Nicole Kidman, my casino royale friends. It better be as good as the book. SOO COOL!
God bless you.

P.S. I am going to miss having so much time to read. I've already read 12 books this summer. Which is a lot for me, I never have to time to just... read novels. Awesome. :)

slowly killing myself. blah.

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Why do I do it?
Why do I do this to myself.
Leave it to me.... break myself into a million pieces.
The stooory of myyy liife.
Fraud that I am.

Get over it she says.
I really should.

Is it worth it brit?
The answer is no. Over and over again. No no no no no.

And yet....

if you strike me I'll kill myself! HAH!

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I'm not sure how long I've been here.
Everything seems to be blurring together.
How long has it been since I've seen you?
I'm not sure. It seems like a lot longer than it has been.
I'm positive.

El Hoffo, A-C (hahah remember when that guy called him AC... instead of Asay, and somehow we could tell the difference. Good times.) and C Bench, C Bench Run.... are coming to visit. Or at least that is the impression I'm under. Exciting? Yes.
Can't wait.
I get paid to stand, and read.
But still awesome.

Well..... I'm slightly boring. I don't know what to say. Hmmm.
Transformers is awesome. Die Hard was awesome. Ratatouille was way cute.
Movie movies movies.
I'm keeping a list. Of the movies I watch.
This list started with Layer Cake, in May.
I'll let you look at it sometime.
Chase and Sousa said it would only last a week! HAHAH! I'll prove them wrong. When they get back we are going to go down the list and I'll tell them what they need to see. Hehehe :)

Hamlet Ring.

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There is shakespeare stuff everywhere.
You know how happy that makes me. I always forget about it until I realize that.. there usually isn't just... hamlet rings in stores. And three awesome shakespeare shows to see... and there isn't usually just books and posters everywhere.
Cedar City.
That is why it is magical.
Shakespeare my friend.

sisterhood of death

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Here I am in cedar city.. I don't have the internet in my home so it is hard to blog.
I'm currently in the adam's box office using their computers.
It is really amazing being here. Seriously. If nothing else, the social aspects of my job are awesome.
All of these wonderful actors who I admire go to the same parties that I do.
It is a little unreal actually.
The shows have been great so far. I've only seen two and I'm seeing King Lear tonight.
My favorite play.
Ridiculously excited.
Hope it is good!
There was a gopher... type... little... animal thing in the randall that we were trying to catch. That was totally awesome.
Well, it is a little lonely with Sousa, Chase and Cam, but Cathy and I have managed well.
WOOO! Let the magicalness... begin... ish..ness...
Oh, and I'm totally part of a sisterhood.

Yesterday was my last final.
My first year of college flew by. Fly by night ops sheesh.
I can't believe I'm so old. I guess I'm not old. Just older than a fifth grader, which is my mind set.

plug your nose!!

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It could happen. After all this time. It can happen.

I'm glad you can come back to this safe place...

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If dreams are a clue into what a person is really thinking... then I'm not lying to myself. Which is a good thing.
But I also think about flying purple elephants. The evil kind. :) Hahah.

Why do my dreams revolve around the same thing. Well, not really.. i...hmm..
Okay. Its me and the boys. Chase, Sousa, Asay, Bench, and even Chris who I never see anymore. Its me and the boys, kinda like in high school.
We are in a different location everytime I dream, diffrent surroundings...but the same general thing happens. I get totally shut out. Chase and Sousa not as much. They just seem to be keeping secrets with the others. Asay betrays me. Bench talks bad about me when he thinks I can't hear, and Chris is totally emotionally detached.


I wouldn't even think twice about it, except that I keep dreaming it. And I remember more than I do when I usually dream.

NOTE: Okay. I just read that and I realized that DOES happen in real life. Chase and Sousa keep secrets, to protect me. Happens all the time. Hahah :) I suppose on occasion I felt like Asay betrayed me.. I mean we don't really talk anymore. Betrayed isn't the right word but the feeling is there. No ones fault. I suppose I am a little paranoid Bench actually finds me annoying. And Chris has always seemed that way.
I'm not trying to speak bad about any of these boys. I love them all and they have been great friends. Its just... a feeling.

hard and strong indeed.... iiiiinerd...

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Enjoyed this movie. A hefty lot.

How did indeed become iiinerd? I dunno.

just appreciating 8 bit theatre....

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All Singing, All Dancing Crap of the World.

Gave me a good chuckle. It did. It did.


or... candy.... or...cocaine!!!

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So here we are. Another day.
I should be doing homework.
I bought Arrested Development last night. Cathy and I enjoyed the extended pilot a hefty lot.
Imagine yourself, discovering that your husband or wife had been cheating on you. You suspected for a long time, and you wished so hard to find the truth, but when you found it...
well of course you weren't happy. But you weren't even relieved like you thought you would be.
Now stop imagining that because it is sad.
That isn't what I mean. That isn't a good example. Something less depressing. I think I've got it this time:
Imagine that your favorite person in the world was going far far away because a wonderful opportunity was given to them. You are happy for them, but mostly you just want them to stay. You'll miss them.
You find out that the opportunity was taken away. You think at this moment of discovery you would be so grateful they were staying.
Instead you are heartbroken for them.
That is how I feel.
Alright, I'm done drabbling. Speaking of drabble, I read a review for a teen movie and the reviewer said "It wasn't like most awful teen drabble... (that's you cheetah girls)"
It made me laugh. Now go live and don't think too much.

Why am I stupid?
Why do I get so attached to things that aren't mine.


What I Did Today

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Went to French Class, Aced the Quiz.
Here comes the good part:
Went back to bed.
Slept for a few hours.
Woke up. Laid in bed.
Was brought breakfast.
Read Respect for Acting for an hour.
Played video games.

It has been an uber happy day. I like relaxing :)

I'm learning a whole lot from the books Cathy gave me for my birthday.
They are really awesome!!! I'm learning new things, and being
reminded of old things.
I have goals. Things I want to get better at. :) I'm excited.
I feel like I'm better.

Cathy is the doobie. :)

bobby watson, your eggplant is FREE!!!

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To the pink panther theme...
I'm free, I'm free, lalalalalala la la la FREEeeeEEE!!!

Alright. I feel free.
Tonight after classes I'm going home to.. do homework.
Yup. Homework.
No rehearsal. WOOT! I just feel this huge stress lifted off my shoulders.
Happy to do homework.

I need to remember I can always say no to a part. I can.
I'll get there. :)

Remember that nap, that beautiful heavenly nap I was talking about.

Totally didn't happen.
Homework happened.

don't walk away

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The show went pretty well last night. I can see my mistakes, but I feel like I've really grown in this role. It has been good for me. Its something I'm really enjoying. Once it is over, that will be good though. I need to take a freakishly long nap.

Freakishly long.

So so long.


Let me let you go.

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This week has been crazy. Coming back from Spring break (Which was awesome, go see 300) felt weird. But I think I'm back in the groove. I've come to find I did pretty well on all my midterms, that is happy.
The Waiting Place is going well. I think we will be ready tomorrow night for the preview and thursday will be even better. (Judges coming? Yikes.)
I'm having a lot of fun and I'm extremely happy I got the opportunity to be in the show. I auditioned for the directing II one act thingys today. I'll keep you updated on that.
So yes. Break was great but its good to be back.

you're coming along beautifully

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Thank you.
I feel better because of that.

Its snowing like mad again. Narnia once more! You know, winter is never going to end.
Cathy made me dinner and cookies-
Did I mention I have the best friend ever?

Movement for the actor: The class that makes my head spin.
I'm soooo incredibly bad at everything we do, its embarassing.

I'm reading a children's story tomorrow in voice and diction and I can't decide between a book with pictures (YAY) or a choose your own adventure book (FUNNY!! At least in my mind)

Glafin out.


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The Vagina Monologues is running this weekend. Its fun. I really love all the girls in the cast, they are great. With rehearsal, the show and school I feel kinda busy. I haven't blogged in a while.
I'm not feeling very good tonight. My heart hurts.
I miss people. A lot. This week specifically.


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ACTF is this week. I'm very excited. Its basically like a bigger thespian conference...
Workshops, shows, actors everywhere. Its all very happy. :)
I'm enjoying myself. Aaron Eckhart is the special guest, he is such a great actor and I hope I get to see him speak or something. If you don't know who he is, look him up.
It has been a busy week, I need to be memorized by the end of the week and prepared to audition TO AUDITION for the festival. Make sense?

I'm in two shows and I'm taking 20 credit hours.
I feel a little overwhelmed.
One day at a time.

Not Quite Wine or Brandy

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I auditioned and got a part in The Waiting Place.
Very excited. It was written by a student here at SUU and it's GREAT! I love it. I'm happy about my character, she is way doobie.
Also, if I didn't mention this before, I'm in the Vagina Monologues.
The greatest part is that I'm going to have a shirt that says VAGINA on it.
HAHAHAHAHA! Oh that's rich.

slimy yet satisfying

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I got my very first manicure today. It was quite a treat. I think it was one of those things in my instant karma book. Felt nice... :)
Next stop, pedicure. (They had foot massage machines. Very appealing.)
I had astronomy lab last night and it was out in the boonies. It was disgustingly cold but really fun. No one has ever shown me the sky like that.

today 4 u

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There is so much snow here it is ridiculous.
Winter wonderland? I THINK NOT! Its a dangerous adventure just getting to class. Ice is hidden under many safe looking snow-... ways....

I'm relly enjoying my classes. My script analysis class is fantastic. I hate getting up early. It sucks a monkey. That is my only complaint.

Sometimes I feel disappointed about things that really have nothiing to do with me. Is that wrong? I feel like a petty person. Sheesh.

chugging along

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The break is basically over! I'm quite unhappy the holiday season is dead. I love christmas so much. I had a very succesful Christmas this year!!!
Alright- driving for three hours is stressful for me. Travel= Stress. I'm always afraid I left something, or that things will be different where I'm going. I'm excited though. School is great, I'm just afraid it is going to be hard this semester. I'll be a lot busier.

Cedar City Here I come.

I have four goals to accomplish before the summer. I'll keep them to myself.