I've seen angels fall from blinding heights, but you yourself are nothing so divine.

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The break has been really nice. I thought for sure it would be stressful and irritating, but it has actually been fun!
I've enjoyed myself. Going back to a busy schedule will be hard, but I'm still pretty excited for school to start again.
I've been feeling pretty motivated lately. "Act like it isn't possible to fail."
You know my name.

ding... dong... ding dong.... dooobie... glafffffon!

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Christmas was fantastic. I must say, I have the best friends and family ever. Besides being cool, they certainly buy the best presents. Thanks to all...

Here is my papa bowling on the Wii.
My family is so amusing.

Boba Fett is sexy!!

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This is what Chase got me for Christmas!!! ....- I KNOW!!!

Sousa and I played scrabble with INTERESTING WORDS.
Then we built this. SWEET ACTION JACKSON!

I hate feeling lonely.

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I was driving with Cathy, Jill, and Jen. It was snowy and we were on the freeway. We did a 360 and when we finally stopped we were facing traffic. Luckily we didn't crash into anyone, but it was a freaking miracle. There were so many cars on the road, I don't know how we didn't.
Oh yeah, and I totally told cathy to put on her seatbelt. :) Heheh.

I spent the weekend at Jill's house with Cathy and Jen. It was really fun. I enjoy their company. I wish Jill wasn't leaving... and I hope she comes back.

YAY!! So Emily is Lady Macbeth. How proud am I?!
SOOOoooOOO proud. That kid is my hero. :)

Cedar City Magic at its FINEST!

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This is cathy and I after we performed our scene. We pretty much rocked everyone's socks. Aren't we cute? :) hehehe

Joe being a terrorist!!! It reminds me of when sousa was dressed up as one... hahaha

Ash being a terrorist!!!

Playing poker!

Playing poker with.. candy chips?

Cathy doing a little fake karaoke... :)

Roomies at the pub!


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It just hit me again.... how old I'm getting.
I'm still young.
But time is constantly passing and one day I'll barely remember this day.
This is a picture of my neighborhood for the most part... you can even pick out my house if you are cool like me!!! Sorry Sousa, your house is barely cut off. Anyway, really cool huh!
Makes me miss being a kid, and caring so much about that simple neighborhood. It all began there. It'll always be home.

Requiem for the bad scene fiasco!

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Most people I talked to before seeing it, said that Requiem for a Dream could only be watched once, because it was too freaking intense.
I've watched it a few times now.
It upsets me.
But its just sooooo goooood..... I can't stop thinking about it. And candace is right, it sure makes you grateful. Scares you too.
Brilliant. Honestly.

Cathy and I performed our scene today in class. May I announce to all of you: We officially kicked ass. :)

Finals DOO doo doo DOOO doo finals, do dooo doo DOOO doo, finals DOO doo dooo doo DOOOBIE DOOBIE DOOO!! I'm stressed! YAY! but not so much that I didn't stop to blog!

I'm excited for christmas, but I also really don't want to leave cedar city so soon. It is a long story, but trust me, orem is the last place I want to be right now. It might kill me.

Harry and Marion

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This song... goes with that picture so well. I can't even explain how lovely it all is.
Requiem for a Dream is a freaking intense movie. I loved it AND hated it. (Mostly loved.)One of those you know?

How cool am I!!!! Catwoman... heck yes...

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You are Catwoman

The Flash
Iron Man
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
You have had a tough childhood,
you know how to be a thief and exploit others
but you stand up for society's cast-offs.