Casino Royale... oh how I love you James Bond

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So... The new 007 movie is pretty much the greatest thing since the cathy doobie sandwhich at the Italian Place. (Or something you like a lot, like sliced bread, bagles and cream cheese or even pizza if you can't think of anything.)
I love it so much.
Great James Bond.
And Eva Green is the best bond chick EVER.
Oh how I love action, poker and love... and that is all this movie is!!!
Note: I also love the allusion to lady macbeth. How COOL can you get. I saw it again. YAY!

Thankful fooooooooOOOoor-

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I'm thankful for-

  • My family. They are the best. I miss having them around. It is good to be home...
  • Video Games with my brother time. Hey, that is a real thing to be thankful for! We have been doing it every thankgiving since I can remember.
  • Yams. I didn't know how yummy yams were. I've been swooping in and stealing yams for the past hour. MUAHAHAH!
  • My dad's big brain. It comes in handy.
  • Cathy doobie... where would I be without her. Honestly. (How much do I love her? As much as Alexis loves Mark's film in Rent. SOOO MUCH.)
  • Ashley and Bri. The coolest roomates ever. Ashley for making snowflakes and coloring with me. And Bri for feeding me and appreciating movies with me.
  • Orem. It is wonderful you know. It is always the same. :)
  • Greg and Kyle. Even though greg is never serious and Kyle is kind of a prune. I love them. (THAT IS RIGHT! LOVE, and I CAN SAY THAT! Pff, long story.)
  • Star wars. It just makes me happy.
  • Chase and all his musical goodness.
  • Kristi, always a reliable source of love.
  • Sousa... and natalie.. and johnny and monty and grace! NOOO THEY ARE DEAD! *sobs* Okay, maybe I'm just grateful for sousa.
  • Those little people in Les Mis, how I enjoyed you.
  • And the book store.

Sorry to all those people and things who didn't make the cut. I had a lot more to write, but I have to drive my mother to the store to get some christmas stuff. So I guess that is all for this year! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

the fire the cat and i lived under

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I grew up with a fake christmas tree, a lot of people freak out when I say this, but I haven't ever had a real tree.I'm actually completely okay with this. The fake tree always looked beautiful and the same. It was familiar, I got attached to it.
We had a christmas tree candle and no needles on the floor. It is perfect. Was perfect.
My mom got rid of it. She wants a new one, maybe one that is pre-lit.
The ornaments will still be there.
The little bag of toys.
Even the ones we purchased with the tree.
But the tree will be gone.
That same tree I woke up to, every christmas morning for the past...
That same tree I stared at when I was young,pondering my life, my future.
I'm going to miss you tree.
And in the spirit of the holidays, I thought I would say thank you for those nights when you made me realize.

Even though you are just a tree and you can't talk of listen. You aren't even a living plant-
I still had to say it. I'll miss you.


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Sometimes interesting things happen on impulse.
I don't know why.
I wasn't really that angry. I just went with my instincts.
It just seemed like the right thing to do at that time.
It was the right thing to do at the time.

Anyway, one can't be mad I slapped them, when one attacked and left marks on another that night.
Over shotgun.
Gotta defend the little ones.

just yesterday we were talking about how it all worked out...

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Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real you woke up crying? Even after waking up I couldn't get that fight in the store out of my head. It seemed like it happened, and it seemed so sad and real. Even though, now when I think about it, it shouldn't have been so sad. A little ridiculous.
I woke up crying and I ran upstairs to cathy's room. And when I saw her I started bawling and hugged her. Because the dream took her away from me. It wasn't fair.
Sometimes I hate dreaming.

El Bobbo and the curvy vaccum guys!

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Kristi came up yesterday to visit, that was really fun. It was good to catch up. I think we have both changed a lot. But I still felt completely comfortable talking to her about anything. That's good. Really good.
It was interesting thinking about past happenings, and maybe what we should have done different. Seeing the big picture sometimes makes me feel foolish.
We went to the pub, and then denny's. And some weird ladies asked us to go talk to some ugly curvy vaccum guys. I mean, ugly kirby vaccum guys.
I still don't understand why.
Then we hung out with brit brit at her house, and then at wal-mart. That was really fun. El hoffo has a fun room to play with (right el hoffo? Even though it might have annoyed you a little... you just have so many tooooyys!!)

Yoo-hoos are good.
Yoo-hoos double fudge and dyna-mocha, are not.

shoooting hoops

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I will be home soon!!! Then because of elements out of my control, I will be back in cedar city for two days, then HOME AGAIN! Wow. That is a lot of driving. I'm still really excited though. I love it here, but it is nice to take a break from school and life in the magical world of cedar once in a while.

I need to learn to dribble a basketball better. Hope it helps.

I need more video games to play. I've been playing the same ones over and over.. because I have run out.
I know that blogging about wanting to play video games is a little pathetic, but it is my blog, so too bad. :)
I'm excited to see you all in the play. That is right... I'm cooommminnngggg!!!!!! Wooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just duh

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We all know I believe in the butterfly effect... and I HATE that I'm causing bad ripples.
Make sense?
I don't want to do that anymore. I don't want to look back and think "Wow, I should have done the right thing, that really would have changed everything."

And I got a B+ on my psych test.... not too bad. But still. DUH!
I'm so angry right now, and it is a mixture of things. DUH!

ittttsss six in the morning and I can't sleep, do doooo dooo doo doobie and I can't sleep, the knee bones connected to this, red thing, la la la la la

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We have a psychology test today. But I kind of suck at these last few chapters.
Oh crapppp crapp. Theeeeeee synaptic gaps connected to this, purple thing, the purple things connected to the axon, the axons connected to the neuron, and cathy makes up funny songs to help me remeeeemmmberrr!!!

Ooo, I got 98% on my french test. COOOOL huh?! Okay, maybe you don't care. But I enjoy the feeling of success.
Which is exactly what I won't feel after taking my psych test. Heh.

Also, I tried out for the Directing I classes-little scene- final .. required project thingy. Yeah, it wasn't required by my acting class (it was by another) but a lot of us did it because we wanted to. Anyway, I'm in two of them, and I'm meeting the directors today. Sounds fun! I'm excited.

Have you ever seen something onstage, and there was a person who was just plain HARD TO LOOK AT?!?!? Well I didn't experience this until recently. Ask me if you would like.

oh yeah, I forgot about halloween

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On halloween we went to a haunted house. It was the first time me and Cathy really hung out with people in our acting class. It was us, and Greg, Katie and Smitee (Carrie.) Yeah. It was really fun. We waited in line for a really long time, but the haunted hospital was well done.

I like hanging out with them.
Ah- I see this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

It is necessary to suffer to be beautiful

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Jamba Juice

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Natalie Portmans Jamba Juice skit on SNL reminds me of back when Cathy worked there. Remember that? When she worked on SNL? Of course you don't because I was talking about Jamba Juice FOOL! Hah! Anyway, those were good times.

We don't have a Jamba Juice here in cedar city.
I miss it.
I want a Jamba Juice so badly... it hurts my soul.