I'm afraid that history is repeating itself....

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And once again, it is all my fault.

charlie is here to irritate me

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I have a mild charlie horse right now. Very uncomfortable. It doesn't seem to want to go away either. Yuck.
Cannibal ended yesterday. Though rehearsals were kind of a pain, the run was extremely satisfying. I forgot that feeling. Performing gives me such an amazing feeling. Yay.
I auditioned for the directing classes ten minute scenes, so thats exciting. It went really really well. At least that is what I'm told.
So yay.
Speaking of charlie horses....
Its the magical bridge of hope and wonder! :) Anyone not seen the video? Look up charlie the unicorn on youtube.com
That is all.

carry an umbrella or... a bat or something. You won't get raped.

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I really can't wait for Cannibal to be over. I'm tired of being there everyday.
I would probably enjoy it- but instead it stresses me out because of a few select stupidnesshoods.
The moment that I don't have to worry about those stupidnesshoods anymore (I should take care of them today ("You snapped her neck?!")) then I think I can enjoy the run of the show.
I'm eating captain crunch.
So life isn't TOO bad. :)
I have a french oral exam today as well, that should be interesting. Especially since I suck a little bit at speaking french.

24 Hour Theatre

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I did 24 Hour Theatre yesterday and it was way fun! Cathy did it to and she was amazing.
It was insane.
INSAAAANE I tell you. I was so tired when we were done. It was worth it though, and I learned a lot. And we both made some really cool friends.
So yeah, intense and fun, try it sometime.

break out into song

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Why do people feel the need to break out into song? I don't feel the need to break out into acting. I mention a musical, people break out into song. "I love wicked."
"Oh Rent is great!"
"Oooouuuttt tonight! HA HA! I have to go!! oouuuutttt tonight. UH UH ah ah UH!"

"I love macbeth!"
"Oh much ado is awesome. Emma thompson rocks."
"You always end in a jades trick, I know you of old!"
"FORSWORN Mary timmins twenty years ago.."

Yeah right. Anyway, this is a funny discovery Cathy and I made. I know it doesn't sound that funny, but trust us-
It is.

let go

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I thought I had trained myself to release my own inhibitions onstage, but apparently not. I have always known that I had a long way to go, a lot to learn... but this... is so simple-
Why can't I do it?

first snow

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I thought to myself, I need to blog.
Why you ask?
Because we had our first snow today. I haven't seen a first snow this beautiful since.. I was a little kid. It was so gorgeous. I was coming back from class and the snow was getting my white hoodie SOAKING! I was listening to Don't be afraid, you have just got your eyes closed- Mum. And I seriously was about to cry. It was so beautiful outside. I just stood there for a moment. That is pure happiness. And I thought, "Wow, so that is what pure happiness feels like. I need to remember this feeling." So I blogged. Maybe I can remember how it feels.

Miriem and Ashley woke me up at three in the morning to check out the snow. And then this morning I had hot chocolate (with whip cream) and pumpkin pie (with whip cream) for breakfast. This is the best day!


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I did several satisfying things today that I thought I would share:

  • Ate chicken strips. (I know that sounds lame, but I was really craving them.)
  • Figured out what to get one of my roomates for their birthday. (Aida!)
  • Had a good rehearsal. (Whoa.)
  • Had a good rehearsal partly because I found out my costume is going to ROCK instead of be ugly.
  • And the most satisfying things I did today- Bought a new shower curtain. The one given to us was really long and went into the tub. It made is slippery and yucky. (It would keep soapy substance and shampoo underneath, and you could never get it clean.) And if you pulled it out the floor would get so freaking wet...So to have a short shower curtain that kept water in (Plus its a cute green) was really awesome. Appreciate your shower curtain today people!

P.S. I tried really hard to find a picture of a snickers bar. You know how the back says Satisfies, I thought that would be so cute if I could only find that picture. The shower curtain picture will have to do.

food network

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Cathy's roomates have been watching the food network a lot lately, causing me to be hungry more often, eat more, and then feel fat. Yuck.
But the cake competition, (I have to admit) was pretty cool! The Scooby Doo cake was amazing, and I wonder if it tasted good. Woot!

I feel a little gross today. Maybe a little sick, ugly or inadequate. Maybe all of them. I think tomorrow will be a good day though.


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It was so fun seeing everyone. And spending a few days watching shakespeare was great. I really miss performing it...
I love you guys! I will never find anyone who could replace any of you. You guys so fun and .. Yeah I miss you already!

Some of the teams acting was disappointing and others were amazing and blew me away! Good job guys!

I didn't realize how much I missed shakespeare.

A pox o' your throat, you bawling, blasphemous, incharitable dog! :)

First the good news, its gonna feel really nice, Then the bad news, we have to pay a heavy price.

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So lately I am beginning to realize that I like the IDEA of a lot of things more than I like the actual thing.
I like the idea of dating a certain guy, but I would never really want to, because... it wouldn't be like the idea. Because my idea of them isn't what they are really like.
That applies to a lot of things in my life lately.

I really love my classes.
Each one has something to offer, whether I like to admit that or not. (My freshmen classes have even taught me a little...though they are yucky.) I just feel like I have grown a lot. And I'm really trying. Yay!

Okay, so this Meatloaf thing (as chase calls it) is really... dragging me down. I don't feel like I've learned anything. (Except that you shouldn't except every role given to you. Experience is not experience like they say. Somethings are not worth it.)

So generally I'm doing really well.
But- there is a but.
I feel like there is a storm brewing. Not a good one. And last time I felt this, everyone exploded and stopped being friends for a long time, and things still aren't the same.
So I'm afraid. My gut feels torn between awesomeness (hehe) and Uh oh-ness (hehe). I guess I should enjoy the goodness and subtly prepare for the worst.

"Put those thoughts away, sometimes they're much to loud."