Superman the rock, and Pouty Mc Pout Pout Da Witch who wouldn't shut her mouth!

Author: Shexpeare /

Okay, I totally loved the new superman movie. Just so you all know. It rocked my socks, all way to China town where they are currently hunting shmoos. I'm serious.
So if you don't like it, that is just too bad for you.... LOSER.
Oh, and I saw Pirates, and was semi-disappointed. But that is okay, because my heart isn't really in those movies, though I love Mr. Depp, I'm not attached to Pirates, mainly because Orlan-lan and Ms. I-Can't-Shut-My-Pouty-Damned-Lips are freakishly annoying.
She also has big teeth.
And is gross when seductive, if you could call it that. (I'll give her one thing, at this one part she stabs these two guys at the same time, and it looked pretty cool. But that was more of the person who designed the fight, and not so much her.) OH!! And, you will hate her character at the end of the movie. I gurantee that much!
Not as good as Natalie Portman. If you say so, I'll shoot you. No really- I WILL. Don't even compare the two.
So yeah, Superman! YAY! Pirates, mini YAY!!! But only for CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.