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Listening to the soundtrack from the movie Crash makes me want to watch it so bad. I can almost feel....
You know. I can't explain how that movie makes me feel. I know it makes me cry, but its.... a different kind of cry.
Its like my body shuts down, and I'm in a different person for two hours. Crazy, I can't explain it. But the music is currently making me want to cry. So yeah, I better go to bed.
If you haven't seen the movie. Dooo itt!

Red Dress

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In the Deep

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

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badly drawn girl

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I went to Austins missionary.... ummm.. that thing where they open the letter. Yeah. There were some good cookie things. That is besides the point.
Austin opening his letter. He is going to Russia.
I really...
I really felt the spirit. And I was crying kinda a lot. Which was embarassing because no one in his family was crying, and his friends were all smiling and laughing. And I barely know him.
But I just... had this great feeling. About everything. About the gospel, and about missionary work. And I was reminded of when my brother went to one of those. He had an experience. And he cannot deny its truth. And it was all too beautiful.
No matter how bad things get, I don't think I can ever deny that it is true.
I can never deny it.
No matter how many stupid things I do, or how bad of an example I am, that will never stop it from being true.

I also saw the new Joseph Smith movie, and I loved it. I can see why some people would like the other movies more, but it was a really good experience for me.

The X to the doobie is the doobie X-men

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So there is the gang, oh, and the phoenix. Yeah, I pretty much loved that movie. There is something about the tragedy that IS x-men that I have always loved so much. It is just down right DEAR TO MY HEART!! Okay, that is a little over the top. But no really.... I totally think it is doobie.
Beefy doobie glafin girnaff.
Oh yeah.
I love the scene where Jean wakes up, and I also love the scene in the house. Especially when they first get there. CRAZY. Its like she has a drinking problem and they are approaching her. Hahahhaha. Yeah. Anyway. GO FAMKE!!!

Nobody touches you, sometimes we crash into each other just to feel something again

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I have a mission this summer. There are so many people I have to say goodbye to. I just realized that. Because there are so many people I may never see again. Not necessarily my current friends, but the people that I haven't seen in years. I just... need to hang out with them one more time. Tell them I love them one more time. And that is my mission this summer.

Say goodbye.

Hopefully not forever.