Fulfilling my potential, would really cut into my sitting around time!

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Maria Bamford is the funniest person ever. Seriously. I love her soooo much.

Watch one of the clips. Cult is so great! Really, watch it man!


Cedar Friends and other objects of my affection.

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Well, I'm here in Cedar City. Me and Cathy and staying with Hoffo, visiting the dorms. I'm not sure how I feel about this city. I love it, because it reminds me of shakespeare competition. But at the same time its just not home. It kinda reminds me of provo with all the cool old buildings and the neat ally doobies.
I think I will miss home.
But if nothing else-
Mornings here are nice. In this room, the morning is nice.
And if I get bored I'll just read a lot, and play video games. Which is pretty much all I do anyway right? Heheh
It is good to see Hoffo, El Hoff mister. Good ol' Brit Brit.

On another note, my whole friend situation seems odd. We were "family" right? And we had a cat named rolo. But not really, because families aren't split up as easily as us. Everyone seems to be picking sides. It just seems stupid. Well, nevermind. I don't want to talk about that anymore.

If chris can't go to state because of class stuff I'm going to be mad because I really want to go. I have to do the scene better. It just wasn't good enough. And I have to make up for it. So I hope he can go.

Anyway, How are all of YOU doing?

"we had loved them, and they hadn't heard us calling"

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i looked at myself today and i felt angry

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"I feel angry all the time and I don't know why. I don't know why."

Inspired by HOFFO and BOREDOM.

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First item you stole: A sticker
First pet: PopBelly da Frog. He lived a really long time.
First piercing: Wow, none. That is slightly sad.
First school: little red preschool or something like that.
First house location: uhhhhh about two streets away from where i live now
First crush: I don't want to talk about it. LOL
First kiss: I don't want to talk about it. LOL
First car: Oh, i guess that crappy one outside my house counts.

Last time you smoked: Hasn't happened
Last food you ate: A dorito. A single chip.
Last movie you watched on dvd at home: my house? uhhh..... I don't even remember. 28 days later I think.
Last movie you watched at the cinema: Walk the Line. It was purtty goood.
Last text message: I am very hungry that would be nice.
Last music video u saw: Beep by the pussycat dolls. Not that great of a song. Or music video for that matter.
Last song you listened to: uhhh something from Rent.
Last words you said: Yeah I can

dated a best friend: define dated
been arrested: yeah..
been on TV: Yeah
eaten sushi: Heck yes. I AM sushi.
cheated on your BF/GF: no
been on a blind date: uhh actually no
been out of the country: yup yup
been in love: i dont know. No I would say.

1. My theatre camp shirt.
2. Stupid pants I don't like.
3. Cookie Monster Underwear
4. A bra I actually like.
5. My rough riders dog tag

1. Wore shoes that weren't really shoes.
2. Lost shoes. Or thought I had.
3. Ate cup of noodles
4. Laughed
5. Glared at someone.
6. Went to the mall

1. Acting actually...
2. A fresh feeling mouth
3. The book store
4. The smell of the book store
5. Feeling productive and not frustrated
6. Laughing
7. Cathy. (In no particular order, I promise. LOL)

I don't trust you, I can't tell you that! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH! I trust cathy. Uhhh and I trust everyone else at times. I'm a pretty trusting person.

1. Learn to play an intrument and enjoy it.
2. Be an action star
3. Prove to be loyal.

vanilla or chocolate:uhhhhh chocolate..... but vanilla ice cream is very good
rock or rap: oh ROCK!! WOO!!

Actually I'm going to go see them now. This was fun and all though....


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My birthday is on the tenth of this month.
It is on a day when we perform.

Someone make me a cake.....
Or something....

I buried myself alive, but someone pulled me out, and wiped the dirt off my shoes.

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You know... I've tried to blog a couple times, and then end up writing, and erasing.. and writing.. and erasing.. and then not blogging at all. I suppose I need to stop doing that.
I'm sad lately. So I SHOULD be blogging. It is a good outlet.
I'm really ready for school to be over. Especially now that it's warm. But at the same time, I know I'll regret not enjoying my childhood. Because once it's gone, it is GONE. There is not going back to being a kid. I'll be on my own.

I realized something the other day.
It was raining, but it felt warm. And I was lonely.
But I had a beautiful thought.
No matter what happens, no matter who I lose, or what I lose- I will always have me. I can always live.

Comedy of Errors is coming along I suppose. I don't really want to talk about that though. Why did I bring it up?

So yeah. Sorry for not blogging and telling you about my life. It's just- well, blogging is beautiful and all. Again with the whole, it's a great outlet. But I have a better comfort.

I have a friend there when I'm sad. Always there.