the missing of the not having to grow up so soon! That sentence wasn't really meant to be understood. The syntax is just all messed up....

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Back to school. Well, I can't say it was too soon, the break was pretty darn long. But it was nice to relax. Okay, only sorta relax. All the shopping and the doobie was quite stressful. The sleeping was nice. The watching of the OC was nice (Who would of thought I would actually like it... who would have freaking thought...)
The end of the term, and The Dining Room are both really soon and I should be a lot more stressed than I am.

I've been really moody lately. (But while I'm being moody don't you dare mention it, it'll set me off like a... a... a.... OOO!! Like chase says, A BAD RASH. That doesn't make sense with what I'm saying. I'll stick with it anyway.)
Things that have been bothering me:
Mr. Crimans spies. They are everywhere. They are probably on this blog right now.. spying.. watching. YOU STAY AWAY FROM ME HANS!!! I'll get you good!! Hans is after me...
More than one mattress on cathys bed. What the crap man? Could she HAVE any more. Stupid jiggly. Sometimes it is like a cool fort, but lately it has just been making me want to poke it. Especially when I lose my phone underneath them. It is CRRRRAAAZZZY!!!!
The fact that I don't own a gun. Not a real gun, but you know, an air soft gun. Like the one that looks like Selenes on Underworld. Sousa has it. It is HOT!! Speaking of, I really want to see Underworld 2. Can't freaking wait. Yuuum.
I asked this kid I like on a date, but now I don't know what to do for the date. Oh dear, if it turns out crappy... AHHH! Well, I'm off to do homework. You all have a good dayo.
I said dayo. I meant dayo. It is meant to sound like "Bingo was his name-o!" ...
"And Bingo had a good day-o!"
Sounds like a good idea. DAYO FOREVER!