Seasons of Love

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My arm is yours to rip and tear as you please.

I am so afraid.

A shotgun someone should have taken away a long time ago...

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I'd been running on foot for days. I barely had any rations left, but I can't leave this place until the job is done. I'm not sure how I'm going to survive. My place of refuge... the walls have fallen. I don't fit there anymore, I couldn't stay. So I ran.
Finally I've found someplace else, someplace safer... more trust worthy.
Or so I thought.
It seems unstable. Like it could tumble down, leaving me open to the enemy any second now. So I'm on my guard. Though I will always be loyal- I cannot trust anyone to be loyal to me. It is in their nature to stop helping me. Stop bringing me ammunition. I'll soon run out.
And I can only hope they aren't sick of me...
Why do I have to do this job? Why do I ever have to leave?
You can always hear them before they strike. You hear them,
too late to defend yourself, but early enough to fear.
I can hear them.
But it is too late, I'm stuck. My heart is stuck.

Red Clives for Christmas......

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Halloween was fun. In a way.
Marisa, Asay, and I went to visit Sousa and Chase at work. We pretty much did that all night. Then eventually we visited Cathy at Jamba. But yeah... we were at the Italian Place for four hours..... And it was a blast! We talked about everything, as always, and the time passed quickly at the Italian Place. That little hole in the wall has become a weird hang out sanctuary of sorts for me.
I would have been fine with this hang out, except for the fact it was halloween. I did nothing to celebrate halloween. I'm pissed. When mette gets back from her trip-a-la-grande-de-la-o-de-trip I demand that we have a make up halloween night and watch horror movies. DEMAND! Not that the other night wasn't fun, it just wasn't halloween.
I miss you mariette! COME BACK! EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG WITHOUT YOU! Just like I said it would. All sorts of bad things are happening! LOL. LOOOVVEE YOOUUU!!!
I watched documentaries on star wars today. That was neat. Good ol' star wars is always there to make me happy! There is never enough Natalie Portman for my taste though. Gotta love her! YAY!
I think I'm going to go see if there are any special features on the Much Ado About Nothing DVD. I think there was a making of documentary, I would like to watch that. Besides that:
I'm playing Medea. I don't know how it is going to turn out. I'm excited, but scared.
Inductions are on Friday. Yay Presidency. Things are looking good from my view. Hoorah.
Beauty and the Beast is going fairly well actually. A couple days ago I was worried, but now I think we are back on track, and if I keeps going as it has been, it is going to be great! I am enjoying Stage Managing just as much as I thought I would. It's been awesome working with the cast.
I am still going to own a theatre. I've just been thinking about it a lot more lately.
I don't know that I like any certain guy at the moment. If I did, I wouldn't tell YOU.
School... I'm getting better grades then last year, and that is all that matters. But I'm happy with it!
I am shamelessly addicted to Jamba Juice.
I am WAY to anxious of Red Clives.