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This year is going to be great. I hope we can keep up.. this.. this...
FAMILY thing that metta keeps talking about.
It really is like a drama department FAMILY or something. It just feels so...

I mean we even have A CAT! NAMED ROLO! (We have a cat named rolo. A kitty. A fluffy kitty. IT IS SO CUTE.)
We are just a family.

And it is beautiful.
I'm doing really well in my classes by the way. I love all of them, they are so freaking awesome! And I have yet to get behind in my homework (Yes, I know it has only been a week, but that is GOOD for me. Seriously, ask kristi, I'm an awful student. But I'm doing good!) I miss you and you and you and you. And I love you and you and you and you and... YOU! Especially YOU!

We filmed us playing in the friends fountain today. And it was really windy and the water was freezing and I got SOAKING WET! It was a freaking blast, but I was really really cold and numb. Totally worth it though, I CLIMBED on it and sat and asay sprayed me, ahhhh!!!! Yay friends!

I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear.

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Things are going well this year.
I love my classes.
The drama department is great... there is much potential for a fantastic year. It has been awesome so far, everything is going so well.

And yet I have this yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Maybe I'm worried things won't be this good forever.
But I also know that it is because I'm thinking about you. I'm dying to tell you anything you want to hear.
I love you. Be well.

tell me how it goes. and maybe i'll tell you how it goes for me.

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In seminary they challenged us to read the book of mormon everyday.
In the ensign President Hinkley challenged us yet again.
They have said it before. But these current reminders are getting me thinking.
And the night before last when cathy dropped me off I said "oh hey, don't forget to read your scriptures!" Half joking, half not..
And last night she said "Thanks for reminding me to read my scriptures. It helped me have a good day today."
If you read your scriptures everyday...

it does something like...

"SMACK, it is now EASIER to be a good person and do the right things."
"BAM, it is now EASIER to be happy when things are hurting you."
Especially after you read something you feel was just for you.

What do I know? But really, no matter where you are in your life, if you aren't already reading the book of mormon everyday.
Just try.
See if you feel weight lifted out of that BIG O' BAG of BURDENS.
(hehehe seminary.) Anyway, really. Try it. Tell me if things get better. Actually, things might not get better, tell me if YOU get better. But you gotta do it whole heartedly.

whoa nelly shoes! For when you really need to stop!

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Well, school starts tomorrow and for some reason I can't remember what time. So I'm just going to go early. I'm pretty darn excited I must admit. My senior year!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! This year is going to be great, and nothing is going to get in the way! Even- THE EVIL BOOBAHS! Just teasing, they aren't really that evil.

For the last five years of my life... I always said
'Someday I'll try'.
But that day hasn't come. I'm growing up, and soon I'll be going out into the world. I won't have a mother or father saying "read your scriptures, go to church, pray, be a kind person."
And I always thought, well, I'm young, I have years before I have to worry about being temple worthy.
I'm young, I have years before I have to worry about going on a mission.
I'm almost eighteen.
I should've worried years ago, I should have tried yesterday, instead of tomorrow.
It has always come down to "Someday I'll try."

Time is short. And I've realized we don't HAVE a someday.
Today is that day. You don't have time to procrastinate.
There are things that I can still do, I still have time to do. But there are other things... That I can never go back and change. Five years. And if I would have tried five years ago, my life would be different, better, today.
I wish I could go back. I only have today.

"Do not let them pass by, saying "sometime I'll try" But go and do something today. Then wake up and do something more, than dream of your mansion above. Doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure, a blessing of duty and love."

it has come all too soon

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I'm a senior. I can't believe it. Okay, I can believe it. And I guess I'm ready for it. It just seems so soon. I feel like I'm still a kid.
I am a kid.
And soon it is off to college and such. After highschool I COULD potentially get married... if I really wanted to. I can move out, I could get pregnant if I wanted to. I could stop going to church if I wanted to. I could go on a mission, I can pursue a career or become a hermit.
I can make or break a world for myself.
Because I can't be a kid anymore.
Never again.
This better be a good, GREAT year. Especially as far as drama is concerned. It just better be good... my last year as a kid better be good.

hahahahahahah YAH HOT DOGS!

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Which Family Guy Character Are you?
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send the pain below (I bet I've had that as a title before. Whoever finds it first wins a golden ticket!... if its there that is.)

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I had an absolutely super fantastic time in St. George. We did a whole lot of nothing...
And it was a freaking BLAST!! It was fun just watching music videos, and running errands!!!
(Yay fall out boy) It was also fun playing weird car games that don't exsist (Mmmmm FANTASY! YES YES! I GOT ONE!).
Thanks for letting me come visit! I miss having you around. I LOVE YOU! Soooooo freaking much.

In other news.... I have a spork.
Besides that there isn't really news at all.
Okay, you know the fountain I love so dearly. The friends fountain from last summer.
It is officially UP AND RUNNING! And I officially played in it last night! I thought of you shmoo!!!!! They put this weird black lining on the bottom, so it would look deeper, and I don't know how I feel about it. But I don't care, because it is WORKING!
I need to buy a camera, I have a huge lack of pictures of people and things I love. I should consider investing in that. But I owe chase money, so that will have to wait. Hahahahah. Or maybe I'll just pay him back in sexual favors. Hehehehe... Oh wow, thats awful. But seriously chase, you should consider it, you are looking for a girlfriend aren't you *WINK WINK! HINT HINT!*
You know all those things I was missing a couple weeks ago, I got a lot of them thanks to my super buddies!
I got chocolate milk, and the amazing count. I got the fountain and the naked squishy. I fed ducks.
I am still missing a shmoo, so we will have to work that one out. But I at least got a visit from most everything else I missed. And I have a new love! The dugouts. A new theraputic thing I'm sure shmoo would appreciate. So everyone... how is YOUR summer going?