I miss the smell of hair dye.

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This summer sucks! I hate it! I'm so freaking bored all the time. And... you know....
the worst thing is that I keep comparing it to last summer. I know that for some of you it was not pleasant, but that was the best summer I have ever had. And this one just can't compare.
I want Kristi and Shmoo to come back. I miss roaming the nights, and eating things in the back of the naked squishy... and randomly seeing a guy singing to eminem. (Why the duce did he park next to us?! HAHAHA)
I miss those days! I miss having nothing to do, but being perfectly content. This summer makes me want to throw things. I HAVE IT SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss the rain. The way it use to be. I miss sitting on rooftops. I miss eating count chocula. I miss drinking chocolate milk. I miss Village Inn. I miss rancid weed man. I miss o filthy traitor. I don't miss melon. But I miss ditching melon! I miss the cages and OKKAAAAAYYY!!! I miss playing spies with little ones and making quesadillas.
I miss texting. I miss getting emails and visits while I was at theatre camp. I miss send the pain below. I miss burning cds. I miss the naked squishy. I miss waking up and having there be friends in my room. I miss peanut butter malt SHAKES. I miss being howard and the asian.
I miss the smell of hair dye.
Stupid bobby. Stupid shmoo. I love them.

My husband phil...

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Hey bobby! Do you remember these in park city? They are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! Yay park city. Yay phil.


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BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kara right? I always liked carrie (was that her name? the snotty one?) She was awesome... with the hair product and the... glafin.

wasted words on lower cases and capitals

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Please just be okay.
Just do what is right.
Know it, and do it.
I can't stand to lose another one of you.

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It is so hot outside! I can't even handle it. Its melting me alive!
How is everyone's summer going?

soft spot for gay men!!! no!!!!!

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Grace Adler: Quirky.  Funky.  Cute.
You're Grace Adler! You're quirky and energetic,
and you have soft spot for gay men. You're
ultra-creative and you have a funky, crazy
fashion sense.

Which Will and Grace Character Are You?

(I'm so in love with a gay guy, I can't even handle myself. OH I HATE MY LIFE!)

You're a mean girl! You're a bitch!

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Gretchen Weiner

Which Mean Girl are you?

the luckiest

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I knew this would come. And I'm still not ready.... but really duh.
That girl, who was always there to listen, and laugh at my jokes will be gone. She always understood, and she always made me laugh.
The other, who always knocked sense into me, will be gone. She came to the rescue many times.
The one who is nothing like me, except always knew how to relate somehow, will be gone. She already is gone. I miss those night walks.
And.. the one who has helped me see things in a different light, and helped, when she didnt even know she had. She gave me a bigger smile then anyone else ever could. She isn't coming back.
Of course it probably shouldn't matter as much as it does. We all know we aren't going to be with the same people for the rest of our lives. So maybe you should only get as close as you need to.
Maybe I should have heeded that advice. Only get as close as you need to.
She heeded that advice. I didn't.
And even though it hurts now, I'm glad I didn't.

My stomach aches. I want to cry. I don't know understand why it is so hard to just live on. I do, I do live on, but it hurts. I'm still laughing, still telling jokes and dancing around. But I feel like a little part of me is missing or something.
I know I will get over it, that isn't the point. I don't want to have to. I don't want to get over it, I just want them to always be there. I know that is impossible. I was lucky to know you. I wish I would have made more memories with you.

See you in a week! (about)

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Well guys, I'm going to girls camp. I'll be driving there at five tomorrow morning. So if I don't answer your calls that is why! I love you all!! I am excited (Sort of, at least I'm excited that I'll get to hang out with Cathy up there).
If I die at girls camp I leave to you:
Shmoo: My Gamecube and Resident Evil 0. Finish our work if I die....
Jenessee: My new blue slinky, I know you will find enjoyment out of it.
Asay: My awesome beach towel.
Bobby: My computer, movies, and my capes. (AND THE COOL PILLOW I LOVE SO MUCH!)

The rest of you can sort through whatever you would like.... ahhaha
Okay I hope I don't die. But I just HAD to write a will and if I DO DIE! You guys better take those things!!!! Love you all!

It's only distance.

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It's only distance. Posted by Hello

I'll be gone for three days....  Posted by Hello