Last night was interesting....

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Taking shots! Or something... OH! And on the table that kristi is sitting by, by the cup.... LITTLE YODA!!! He likes to jump around after peeing.

Marisa smiling the same again.... Jessy's parents are cool and funny. And dressed us up. Emily has her concentrating face on...

Terrorist ATTACK! This is the best picture I have ever seen... EVER! I.... LOVE YOU SOUSA AND JESSY!!! Posted by Hello

I am the shimmy QUEEN!!!!! Forget me and the cool bra, just look at Kristi's face. I'm thinking that maybe she thinks I'm weird.

Kristi is a hottie! Oh, and I have these pictures from last night right, and all of us got caught candid at least once. But every single one, Marisa is in the backround smiling at the camera. It is so funny! Because.... she looks the same in all the pictures and its just funny.... or sugarloaf. Kristi I luff you! Posted by Hello

kristi tried to pet my face with her foot

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And it worked.
Graduation is today! I didn't imagine I would be in this mood when this day came. I imagined it once, last summer. I imagined that maybe I would cry, perhaps whine, and all together try to shoot myself in the face.
But I'm okay. And being okay, is more than I expected from myself.
Today the stage. Tomorrow...the slightly larger stage.

P.S. I need to stop thinking about it, or I might stop being okay.


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So I'm about to take a shower..... and naturally, like most people do, I take off my clothes.
And there are two pennies stuck on my boob. And I just... wonder how they got there.
Then I remembered...

Oh, how I'm going to miss your silly habits.

About Orange Juice....

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I like orange juice, and I'll drink it almost anyway it comes. But I think that medium pulp is the best. Or low pulp.... because you have to have pulp. It makes it taste fresh and real. But I am drinking High Pulp right now and although I still like it, I want to shoot myself because of all the floaties. They are trying to get stuck in my teeth, and they make the texture feel like throw up, or some kind of.....
It just isn't as good as it could be.
Damn you high pulp!!!

devin is cutting a napkin

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The second to last day of school it is. Here I am in newspaper class eating pizza and listening to music. We aren't really doing anything because we don't have a final. (Though he did say if we ate more than four pieces we could have extra credit.) Things seem to be going good. I'm a little scared of the future, but I'm just holding on to here and now, and not really thinking about it today. Not REALLY anyway.
Look at me. Thats right, LOOK AT ME!
*Is Thespian President 2005-2006*
Aren't I hot? El Presidente will work as well. NOT DANTE because thats wrong says Kristi Thornley. I'm really excited for next year, I hope that we will do well.
Mountain View Theatre 2005-2006 *DING!*
My grades sure are looking up though, I'm pretty happy about it. I still have the History final to worry about tomorrow though, then its all over FOREVER! (Forever meaning until next school year.)
Emily and I decided that there must be some kind of spring fever or summer loving or something, because everyone seems to be twitterpated, at least everyone I have been chilling (Shut up man, I'm black) with lately. I suppose it is a good thing, we will just have to see how things turn out.
GOOD LUCK SENIORS!!! I LUFF (Oh, that is RIGHT, I brought back LUFF for one more LUFFING) YOU!!!!

Revenge of the Sith

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I can't contain myself. I don't know what to do with myself. I am so happy, I cried so much, but I'm so satisfied. I LOVED IT!

Got Pulp?

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Okay, so here I am drinking orange juice, and I shake it well. But then I realize it is "No Pulp" so I feel as if I shouldn't have shaken so hard. So I look for the "Shake Well Before Using" sign. And there isn't one... exactly. It says "Shake Well For Fresh Squeezed Taste." Now- what if you are suppose to shake well before using, either because it will taste watery, like crap, or you will DIE. But because they want you to shake well, they tempt you with "Shake Well For Fresh Squeezed Taste."
But what if I don't LIKE Fresh Squeezed. What if I'm one of those "Go SUNNY D! I LOVE Manufactured taste!" What then? I don't shake it well, it tastes awful, and then I never buy that brand again. There they go, losing a costumer. And I lose what could have potentially been really good orange juice, for a really good morning. "Shake Well For Fresh Squeezed Taste." is a lie anyway. I practically boogied down shaking that thing and all I got was normal carton orange juice.

I'm a little disappointed in them. "Shake Well For Fresh Squeezed Taste." It ain't fresh, and if I don't like fresh... no one ever told me to "Shake Well Before Using." Someone out there right now.... has lost one cup, of what could have been great orange juice.
What a shame.

Parting Nights.....

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fat kids in a little coat

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I went to Celeste's reception.
She's a hottie. Hehehe...
I think her and her husband fit well together. I was happy to see her.
It had been awhile since I last saw her....
I have my world away from this world, and it is sorta being taken away. It was a place that was mine, and I have fun there, and I probably still will have fun there, but it isn't mine anymore. I'm slightly annoyed I guess.
I'm really unhappy right now. Just this minute. I think it is because I'm tired and grumpy and I just woke up. Because last night I was fine. I need to laugh or something, I'm not exactly perfect lately because I have had a lack of fun. I'm bored with life at the moment. I'm going back to sleep for a mere ten minutes before church.

Nothing to be done.

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I guess I never really knew you anyway....

my face is mushy from crying

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I want things I can't have.

I care so much more....

But it doesn't matter to anyone that I do. And it doesn't change anything.
But I go on caring and crying.

You can't feel anymore, but I love you.

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Are you sick of this yet?


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God loves you!

"Because they need it. They need someone to trust in them and love them, and you can do that."
Chelsey wrote that.

Is that why I love people? Because they need it? Why do I love the ones who don't need it?
Simply for the sake of loving?
If they don't need to be loved, maybe I need to love.
Chels brought me to a point. Maybe I just have love to give, and I would give it to anyone who would take it, because... I need to love.
Some people are different though. Some people I love because they...
It is so easy to see what is beautiful about them.

things were not the same after that

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I was thinking about the people who have come in and out of my life. There are many people who have come and left. It is a little depressing. And most of them... I haven't seen since. You always say you will keep contact, but I rarely do keep contact. I must be honest here- I'm really bad at writing, and calling, and this and that. Because I simply move on.
I always love where I am at that moment, and I don't want anything else. I'm glad I knew people in the past, but most of the time I don't want them back in my life. That is because I do one of two things, I either really miss them all the time, or I move on. But when I move on, I move on completely, and they are gone from my thoughts. Most of the time anyway.
They still leave their mark though.
A lot of people have tatooed ideas and impressions into my head. Making me who I am today.I thank them for that.
I hate thinking that a lot of you I may never see again. And sadly I know I'll get over it.

Soon enough, you will only be an idea. Not something I can touch, smell, or hear. Not someone I can hug or miss. Just an idea in my head. A certain someone who did certain things for me at a certain time in my life. But really... it is never the same. When you see them again, it's never the same.

So what do I do? Do I miss you terribly, or do I move on, but then forget you? I don't want to forget you. I hope some of you have a place in my future.
And to those of you who will rarely or never show up again- Thank you. Thank you for being who you are, and showing me what you did. Thank you for being my friend. And I hope you learned something from me. You'll be in my prayers.

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