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is a national holiday..... or so we are beginning to think.

Tomorrow me and shmoo decided we are going to HAVE FUN. Yup. That is all. Just have fun. We are trying to figure out exactly how to go about doing that, but hopefully it happens.

I got wristbands- They are sexy. Okay, sexy is totally the wrong word. They are just nifty. And they are NINTENDO wristbands and that makes them all the better. Yes shmoo, I know your wristband will always be better than mine. I believe it!

I can't hear out of my left ear. It is really freaky. I don't know what is wrong with it. Maybe something is stuck in there, or rather it is infected. Either way, it stinks. My mom was whispering something in my left ear today and I just smiled and nodded. I hope she wasn't asking me if she could throw away my chicken socks. One can never be too careful.

There are a few people that I miss. I haven't seen them in a while, but I do talk to them sometimes-- I dunno. Like chelsey! I talk to her once in a while, but I want to actually SEE her and make her eat chinese food with me. Or sara jane-- yeah, I doubt I'll ever talk to her again. And, well... Lots of random people. I just miss people.

I also miss being a kid. After being at shmoo's and watching the cool kid who took his leave very fashionably,(Fine, I'll leave *FLIES OUT COOLY*) I miss being a kid.
Now.... Shmoo has a list of things that she wants to do before she leaves. I am now making a list of things I want to do WITH HER before she leaves.
Here goes:
Find a freaking place to feed ducks. One. Last. Time. (Oh I'll find a way.)
A claw machine adventure.
Write notes on peoples car. (Uhh, you know what I mean.)
Have a dance off.
Watch THAT MOVIE. (You know, the stupid one that you will never watch with me. Muahah)
Have another Quackenbush mission of doom. (Or just signs, bobby doesn't have to know.)
To add to that, just another mission of doom. (The Slights O. Hehe)
Get dogtags. (SHOTGUN!)
Get someone to believe that my nickname really is, switchblade.
Show her the Oriental Market, and make chinese food.

I'll add more. There you go shmoo, that is how we will have fun tomorrow.

oh bah...

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My blog use to be way awesome. And now I just have nothing to say. I want to say something, but---



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We sent the boys on a ... goose hunt of sorts. It was totally random. We raced to the big hot dog stand, then we raced to sonic, and when we got there we left them a note. Telling them to go someplace else, where we left them another note, and so on and so on.

The coolest was when they got the note that led them to THE HOUSE.

Oooooohhhhh yeaaaah.

It was awesome. We are thuggin.

Barn Yard Poo and Super Smash.... Oh I'm totally samus.

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The Barn Yard Boo wasn't as bad as everyone said... but it still was stupid.

I was the grim DUDE, and...

You know what. It was bad enough that I just don't want to talk about it anymore.

Oh, and I'm samus. Grrr.


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I just read Bryn's latest blog post....... and it came with realization.
I mean before it was
"DUUUHHH!!! I'll buy you pinneapple, you can't leave you idiot. That will make you stay."
But after reading that post, I just started crying. I love my buddies. And when I have to think about all of you graduating it makes me sad.... but now one of you is leaving early. You shmoo.

Don't do it. Don't mess with jenesse's guns. Just stay here. We can pretend.

I'm dying. Poo. POO DARE I SAY!

The fantasy make up homework for drama class..... I know its simple, and some of it is messed up. But it took me a long time so I'm proud! WOOOHOOO!! Posted by Hello

WE WON!!!!!

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M V H S MVHS THE BEST!!!!! ::clap, cheer YAY!::

Oh we won. In the last nine seconds too. AND!!! The clock was at zero and we intercepted the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


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Watch both the videos. Bother. BOTHER BOTHER!


big ugly bugs

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"Save it."


"Dude, something is going to pop out and we are going to die. Save it!"

"No I'm just going to get this one thing and then I will save it."

"Yeah but if you get that some big ugly bug is going to pop out and try and kill you. Save it now!"

"Hold on."

::doesn't save it. goes to get thing and big ugly bug pops out.::


"I told you so! USE THE BIG GUN!"


"Awww, She loves him!!"

"Ahhh, BIG BUG!"

::blows up big bug. gets the girl::

"Now let's save it!"

tick tock tick tock

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It is funny to think about what makes me tick.

And I wonder if any of you have ideas about what makes me tick....
And are you right?

faces in the window

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Haunted House of doom.

I didn't even get to go in!!! All I did was see four freaked out boys. I want to go in. I'm not sure if I do though. I think I would seriously..... die. I would be so scared. I doubt we will go back. I think it would be wrong if we do-

I mean really-
We got our warning.

Let's not go back.

But it was fun while is lasted. Yes.... fun....

man is not one but two

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I do pretend in certain ways.

But not like all of you do. You are lying to their faces. So, when they make me seem like the bad guy, and you think I'm being mean.....
Everyone else is mean too. You just don't see it. They are mean when you are not around.
At least I'm shining through the facade.
You would if you could. You would if it wasn't "wrong". You would if you could get away without feeling sorry.
I'm not trying to be "truthful". I'm just not good at lying. I'm not good at being "in control".
If I don't like someone, they know. Most everyone else.... you can't tell.
Think that is your buddy? They don't like you.
This is why I'm scared. I'm scared you lie to me too. I'm scared you all lie. Because you are way too good at it. They can't seem to see it. So why would I be able to?

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Radio Shack

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The people here scare me. I'm posting from a radio shack next to chase's work (the italian place.) and I do believe that the man here is hunting me. He works here, so technically it is his job. It is his job to ask me if I was interested in the cell phones that I was looking at. It was his job to tell me that I could use to the computer, and that the controllers I was looking at were for the playstation. It wasn't his job to tell me he was also sick and there were certain ways I could get over it. It wasn't his job to stare at me and give his imput about SUU. GO AWAY!


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I just wanted to be able to say I blogged from the SUU student center.

We dressed up like punks last night. That was awesome. Then we listened to Taking Back Sunday.

That was beautiful.

I made my friend this silly little... "crafted" box.

I feel like a little kid trying to make her mother... the best gift ever! Not for any reason, just to say I love you. But I'm not a little kid. I'm sixteen. (Okay, that classifies me as a little kid, ask my mom :) ) And it isn't my mom, it is my friend.

I wonder what she'll think.


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Well see how we feel when we get back.



Soul Calibur 2

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As shmoo has called them in the passed....

Secret Identitys? Or .... the people that we are killing each other with in pass time...

There is always
Taki- Seductive.
Assassin- Cool.
Yusung- Sexy.
Cervantes- Evil.

I don't think I spelled all of those right. Anyway, how cool are we? We are WAY cool. So much fun.

Awww guys, I can't wait to beat you up! :)

the echo behind your glow

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All of you. Stop pretending.
Everyone one of you thinks in some way or another that you don't need help.
You deceive yourselves when you fancy that only weakness needs support. Strength needs it far more.
You are all strong.

You want to be strong. You want to be in control. Maybe you are... or you aren't. If you are... it will not last long bottled. It won't last without help. Strength needs support. Every superhero needs a sidekick. When Batman is in big trouble, no matter how dorky and stupid Robin is, you are happy to see him pop out of nowhere and give batman the saving he was waiting for.

Trust me. Please trust me on this. You don't have to be alone, and I don't care if you want to be. You shouldn't be.
I'm not saying you have to trust me.

Just trust someone.

Let them help you.

And as for you. I'm saying you should trust me, because I trust you. I know it isn't about that. But I feel like it should be. I know you are afraid. I am too.


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"At one point we decided to fight fire with fire... Well...basically... your house burned even faster."

I drink coffee but not really, taki, and spelling

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So when we went to media play and got hot chocolate... I seriously made the perfect mix. Don't argue. It was delicious. Anyway... so when we did this Brenna kept calling it coffee. Which it "WASN'T" Goooooosssh. Right bobby? I mean who just drinks coffee. That stuff is gross.
I don't really remember where I was going with this. I had a point but it has ..... well it is gone. Don't know where it went. Next subject.

I've discovered that many of you can't spell. It is weird. I hope I'm not one of those people who can't spell. Weirdos :)

Among us.... there is a champion. A ceasar's ceasar. A hero. A fighter. A violent stabber of DOOM. Her name is Taki. All of you may know her as Kristi, or possibly Catwoman. But there is another identity. (You would think she would be happy since she has so many, but I think it is because we keep finding out, so they aren't secret anymore and she has to get another? anyway) Taki. At least I think that is how it is spelled. AND SHE KICKS MY BUTT. Little f hole. I mean really, not only do you just totally wipe out my guys, you show no mercy in the underpants department if you know what I'm talking about? EH?! EH?!