Sooo wicked!

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Aww shucks kristi... thanks for pointing it out. Isn't it beauuutiful! ::huggles:: Mmmmm... wiiickkeed.....mmmmm
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Katinka waited for The Scarlet Thorn to approach.

She waited patiently as most ninjas do. She peered out the window and observed her surroundings. The Scarlet Thorn would be arriving any minute, to capture or kill her. She wasn't sure which was worse.
Instead of the executive squishy that she expected to see, she saw only The Man. The Man wearing an orange vest... yes.. she was sure it was him. He was planting something infront of her lair. She was trapped. Katinka was sure she was going to die once Scarlet came.

She pulled her sword out of its jacket and used it to move the curtain in her way. Her lair had just been invaded by hundreds of men. All of them now dead. But The Scarlet Thorn was something else... and she was tired and unprepared.

There! She could see her! She heard a tap tap tap on the door and slowly opened it to reveal her most feared enemy....

"What the crap are you doing?" Kristi gave Tasha a puzzling look. Anyone would give a puzzling look considering what I was wearing. A cape, a sword, and a black shirt around my head so I looked all.... ninjaish...


This one time at band camp...

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Me and Shmoo staring at a fan.

Then we decide,


And kristi is our lead singer.

Don't argue. LOL

Tonight was fun. Though I can't say why.


Those evil asians. Posted by Hello


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The pictures are... very.. interesting. You send this artist a sentence and he draws what comes to mind.
End result: Freaky stick figures.
But they kinda grow on ya! :)


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Oh, I am a really good conductor. And Jenesse, now I know the lyrics. WATCH OUT!

This may never start.
We could fall apart.
And I'd be your memory.
Lost your sense of fear.
Feelings insincere.
Can I be your memory?

So get back, back, back to where we lasted.
Just like I imagine.
I could never feel this way.
So get back, back, back to the disaster.
My heart's beating faster.
Holding on to feel the same.

This may never start.
Tearing out my heart.
I'd be your memory.
Lost your sense of fear.
Feelings disappear.
Can I be your memory?


just like you

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One sentence can sure screw things up... but it takes a lot more than one sentence to fix it.

I know me. I know how I think. You may not understand it because I don't think like most people. But I mean well. And I'm not going to change how I act unless you can give me a good reason why. I'm not going to change how I act merely because you don't like it.
Give me a good reason.
I'm open to suggestions.
And don't just say "Because it isn't something NORMAL to do."

Am I really causing any harm by being the way I am?

Then again, after all this time... maybe it IS time to change. So fine. I'll change. Just for you. To be Just Like You.

Don't speak

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I know that kristi blogged all of this already...
It's just so wonderful that I had to emphasize it. My favorite quotes from her latest blog:

shhhhhh don't speak, just let it happen says:
how are you this fine not so wonderful dandy groovy anti-happy morning day?

shhhhhh don't speak, just let it happen says:
you shouldn't wear pants sousa
shhhhhh don't speak, just let it happen says:
not when you're relaxing


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All day I needed something therapeutic... and I got it.
It is called LAUGHTER! HOLY COW! Tonight was so much fun.
First, cute little puppies. Then sousa, and cowboy hats. Then THE FOUNTAIN! YAY! (Girls, we are going to play in that fountain...... YAY! No. We really are. With no shoes and the theme to friends playing in the backround. AHAHHAAH) We went to sonic to eat and shmoo gave kristi what I would call a GENEROUS TIP! YUM YUM YUM! But it was just so funny.
Jenesse attacked shmoo with an onion ring. We got goopy stuff on jenesses wallet (bet she didnt notice til now) and best of all.

Triple Neutral.

Oh that shake must be good. But on the political side... oh dear. I'm never going to get over it.
Brittany Hoffman. I love you.
Everyone else.... heavens I was hyper.... As for the rest of the story. I'll let you guys tell it.

Night Creatures.... to sleep at five.. in a closet.

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Shamae and I went to blockbuster in the bustling wind and practically fell over like evil victoria secret models in an "extreme" shoot. You may not get that. But the wind blowing the hair was TOTALLY screaming MODELS MODELS MODELS. Left tons of messages on peoples machines. (mainly juhneeesse)
We didn't find what movie we were looking for.
So we met Brittany at Target. Bought cookies and chocolate milk. (Mmmm chocolate milk.... MMMMM!!!) Returned to my house and watched Jay Leno (Do not use thermometer orally after using it rectally) and then Dharma and Greg. (That Asian chick rocked... oh dharma how i wish I were blond because of you.)

Then we attempted to sleep at brittany's house so we walked... well actually we visited Holly and .. knocked on her window. Scaring the living CRAP out of her.  But she was happy to see us. We followed along Orem Blvd. to see kristi at sonic. But we knew we wouldn't make it so we called her and she told us not to come. AND JUST AS WE HUNG UP and headed toward my house... THERE! The Red and Khaki!
The Target workers FLOCKED through the middle doors! FREE! RUN FREE LITTLE RED AND KHAKIS, RUN FREE!
So. Amusing.

Brit went home (WE WILL HAVE A SLEEPOVER SOON DANGIT .. and watch soaps.. MY soap. (It isn't technically a soap but I count it.) we will.) and me and shmoo then traveled to her home and back to my home, and wandered talking. Called Kristi. Poked Kristi. The three of us then proceeded to find brit, which didn't happen. (... sooo.. weiiird.) and then we went to Wal-mart. And got cheesecake and swoops.
The most excited part of the night was though.
I slept in Kristi's Closet.
Not wanting to go home, because my parents would ask questions, and generally figure out that I was wandering and ... be all parental,  I slept in her closet.
She made a little Asian Bed and everything.

HAHAH I SLEPT IN HER CLOSET. Anyhoos... this asian is out. I love the Cowboy hat.

(In later news.... we STOLE SOUSA'S CUFF. We were like spys.)

EDIT: Oh sorry shmoo.. everyone... WE SAW MARIE OSMOND AND SHAMAE DIDNT LET ME SAY HI! Because I am embarassing. You gay.

The Cage

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Kristi And I In A Cage.

Sounds Kinky.
But we were like... SUPA' HEROS! Oh the screaming and the glafin. (Errr.. glafin.. yes)

Theatre camp pictures, you are SO interested!

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Me and Jill doing a.....Tree dance. Posted by Hello

>.< Posted by Hello

Stupid kid was so cute and he could sing like.... oh dear we love him! WE LOVE HIM! Posted by Hello

Danielle is just great! Posted by Hello

Hehehe.. hehehe.... the girl standing is the girl who does the RAPTOR! And thats amber, and then jules on the ground. That other girl is just an ugly asian. Posted by Hello 
Let us not talk about what I was wearing!

ROCK ON! Posted by Hello

Dani and Polar Bear (Her real name is Anne, but who just says that?) Posted by Hello

This is Jill. Isn't she adorable. Yeah I know. She rocks. Posted by Hello

That is mike on the far right. She IS a girl. I told you. Posted by Hello


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Mascara and scratching your eye don't really go together do they?

Stop mocking me kristi and shamae. And dodgeball.
You all mock my stupidity.

(Sidenote: HAHAHA DODGEBALL. Ugly 10. Tee hee hee.)

Man shoots self in groin. HA HAH AH HAHAHAHA! Posted by Hello

Pushed Over.. blar blar blar

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Why... why do I always let myself be a push over. Oh I know, because when I'm not a push over I end up sounding stupid...
Main Entry: push·over
Pronunciation: 'push-"O-v&r
Function: noun
1 : something accomplished without difficulty : SNAP
2 : an opponent who is easy to defeat or a victim who is capable of no effective resistance
3 : someone unable to resist an attraction or appeal : SUCKER

Sure I put up a resistance, but it ISN'T EFFECTIVE. Stupid pushover... ::mumble::mumble::grumble::

Flea B Geeby

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Kristi got a phone.

(Sorry, I broke the news before you on the blog.. MUAHAHAHA)

But hey, you have all those thuggin stories that you need to post kristi. Or I'M going to post them. But I kinda don't want to spend the time so you need to!

(I don't even really remember which stories, I just know there are some you were going to.. DOOOOO IIITTTT)

This cowboy hat is hot. Cameron Asay almost got it back ... he ran after the car. Scared the CRAP out of me. I knew it, I knew I should have listened to brittany hoffman and kept it in the trunk until we were gone. Oh well.. whew. Luckily because of Jenesse's good driving we got away. Oh the poor hat, it will be sad when we part. Maybe I can manage to keep it until I get one of my own. Oh poor AC. Actually, he attacked me and ... like.. jumped me so I don't feel too bad anymore. Punk. Punk with the Power Ranger shirty thingy. Punk.

It was nice to see everyone today!! That was like the first time I've seen all the girls together ALL FREAKING SUMMER LONG. YAY!!! All of us never get together, it was so nice.

In other news, canadians LOVE JENESSE.
And Asay invited us up to his Cabin tonight, but REALLY he invited Jenesse. I doubt he wanted the rest of us to come. (Of course he didn't want us to come but you know what I mean!)
If we do go, I can't bring the cowboy hat. Or he'll attack me again. Stupid kid.


Treasures of all kinds!

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Guess what I realized! I have the email as well as the one at hotmail. I use the hotmail one. But only ONE PERSON ever.. EVER emails the yahoo account. And I keep it because I enjoy that person. But still. One person. So someone email it. Because that is gay.

Today was interesting.

The Phantom of the Opera... THE MOVIE! No really, I'm so excited. I had been told it was apparently going to be very good, but I did not believe it until I saw the trailer for myself.  YUM YUM! So, who is up for going to go see it with me? It comes out around Christmas! I would love you forever. I think I know... I pick... YOU! ::points:: Oh. You know who you are. (Actually, you don't. Because I've never really mentioned it to you. But I'm taking you. Yes you. ::points:: I don't know if you will like it, but you never let me listen to show tunes and I PICK YOU!)

I found my journal from when I was a kid, it was in the basement. You can only imagine how entertaining it is:
"My birthday is coming up. Preston got hurt and I had to hold his elbow. I think his knee split open because he said it hurt. Brian just sat there and dribbled the ball. I got mad because he wasn't even halping me. It was bad. I got 100 on my dinosaur report. I made out with a hot boy today! MMMM"

Okay. If you didn't guess, the last part about making out WASN'T REALLY IN THERE. And if you thought it was--I wasn't THAT bad of a kid. SHUT UP JENESSE.

Even at a young age I was random. I went from talking about my grandpa to, talking about the weather, to food, and back to grandpa. It was thuggin.Ooo.. this one I don't understand. I'm not sure I'm reading it right...:"That kid has non benibabys wech is stupid."


Well I'm off to bed. Goodnight folks!

Worry Bug

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I'm such a worry bug (I know sweetie, it IS a cute thing to say.. LOL)
I can get over it. I know I can.

I just need to remember that worrying gets us nowhere.

Remind me not to worry.
::worries:: Wait guys, what if you forget to remind me?

Oh I'm just teasing.
But seriously. Remind me.


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Edit: See kristi's new post (Which should be coming soon enough) for details.

I just can't fathom it...

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I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathI just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathI just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it I just can't fathom it!
Shut up, I couldn't fathom it.


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Ever regret doing something? And you imagine yourself going back...
Changing something. It isn't something big. Just taking regrets and placing them where they aren't.. misplaced.
It wasn't a  big deal... It wasn't even a deal.
Yet still, you want to place it someplace else. Because you caused an unknown error to happen.


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I'm an idiot.


Spy Stuff and Twitterpation

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We always have great adventures together right? Remember the park? The library? That one time we went searching for the Fro-Yo Hippo at 2 in the morning. Yes. We have great adventures! BUT! While sitting in the car, we never have good adventure music. So I made a spy tape. With spy music, some of it really intense, other parts of it like the PINK PANTHER theme.

Trust me. It will be cool. We will laugh.  MUAHAHAHAH!
By the by, even though kristi and jenesse are villians, they can still go on adventures. Don't defy me.

There is this girl I know, who is twitterpated and it is so cute. I can't even stand how cute she is. She blushes when you talk about her subject of twitterpation and all that jazz.
I miss that. I haven't been twitterpated in what seems like forever. Stupid boys. But at the same time I'm glad I'm not because it only seems to cause trouble.
It is worth it though. It causes strange happiness in the tummy. So... I want a subject of twitterpation.
::pokes cute boy:: Why can't you just live here?

::pokes everyone else:: Shut up man, I'm black.


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Don't you hate missing someone when they haven't even left you yet.
But you anticipate the feeling...
The emptiness when they leave. And even though they are not gone, and they are still with you, you miss them.
What is worse is that one day it won't be for a day, or a week, or a month.

One day it will be forever.
One day they will be gone forever.



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Anyone with the name Rigel is bad news.
It is so easily turned into RIGAR.

Oh so easily.

Keep back.

Oh the adventures!

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I went on an ADVENTURE today. And it wasn't in search of the Fro-Yo Hippo at ALL! And it wasn't in a library either. IT WAS A NEW ADVENTURE! Kristi and The Hoff would be PROUD.

And I visited Chelpril.. which was absolutely fantastic.  Funny, wonderful girl I might add.

So I got up this morning at 7:30 and went to the school for a tech thing.

It was cancelled. I didn't have to be there.
Pissed me off.
I would get up early.
Now I say!
Dare you defy me?

Cowboy Hat. MUAHAHA!

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I stole AC's (ha ha ha) cowboy hat. And I'm wearing it.

I must get my own. But in the mean time, I have to keep it until I can go play pool with Kristi in it!

P.S. Jenesse. Why the heck would I ask HER to buy me one. You are gay.

Asian Legs

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1. Kristi stole my shaving cream. Maybe not stole, but she HAS IT!
2. There are NO asians that work at Target I swear. Have you ever seen one? Prove it.
3. I bought little boys shorts when I was with the Hoff. Little boy shorts. I'm such a dork! ROCK ON!!


My Deepest Secret

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Another deep secret! Posted by Hello

eating people

what's YOUR deepest secret?


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I'm juggling.

three day briefing

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Day one: Riding up and sleeping. Yum. Exploring. Tv. Buses. Burger king has an upstairs. Calling... that dude.
Day two: Sickness from weird greek men. Interesting TV. Finding Phil. And an Italian. Pool. Weird kneeling chair... thingys? Teen Mass. Good conversation. Blushing and cuteness.
Day three: A big slide. Ice cream. More TV. (Pro Pool and Soap Operas) More Pool. A COW PLACE (So cool. I wish I were a cow. SPIDER-COW!) Mac and Cheese. More Phil. Blushing and cuteness. Face Masks. (One day my friend.)
Three days.. briefly....

Thanks hun, I had a great time!

three day interval

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See you guys on tuesday! And remember.


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Why can't you be happy here? Where nothing hurts but your heart. Posted by Hello


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Don't ask. Just go and do.


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It is like blowing a hole in a temple.
My Temple.
Okay. I'm just scared.

Cheese and Singing

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Chase and I bought cheese at Target. ::wink::wink::
Oh. And then we made out.
Chase and I say that enough now that no one will ever believe us if we ever DO make out. Luckily. We won't.  HAHA!
I have bug bites everywhere. I'm going to eat potatoe salad.
This stupid tech thing is so gay. The guy who is in charge of paying us and stuff..... accuses us of not doing anything! WHEN REALLLLLLLLLY he ISN'T LETTING us do anything. That stupid fag. GGRRRR SO PISSED!
He was an idiot huh sousa?
I don't have anything to write but I'm bored and I want to write something.
Oh so during this tech rehearsal thing, we had to listen to FOUR HOURS of teenagers TRYING to sing.
Some of them were pretty good, but most of them just...
So here I am listening to these kids. And I heard every song at least twice I swear because they sang all the popular songs. Including "Popular" from wicked. Popular was the most .... "PoPUUUler.... LARRR! LA LA LA LA!" Song up there.
Go jump in the hole.


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Alex said "Who just does that?" today and surprised himself.

During the stupid EFFING tech rental:
Seaver: Have you learned anything?
Sousa: Yes. Don't work with assholes.
Kristi brought me food. Much appreciated ::love::love::
Note to self: $250 ....$250.....

I'm bored. Good fun LINKS.

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A lot of these are only cool because of the sound. So if you don't have speakers... I'm sorry. Some are probably still worth watching. Most of them are flash too!

Why we must never take shamae boy hunting with us....

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tofunkie4myself: Are you a parking ticket?
tofunkie4myself: You got fine written all over you!

tofunkie4myself: If you were a booger, I'd pick you first.

tofunkie4myself: hey, tasha...Do you have a bandaid?
tofunkie4myself: because I scraped my knee falling for you.

For The Matrix In You

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Pretty thuggin. I didn't actually READ it, but still. Pretty THUGGIN.

I love you Shmoo and Kris. (Oh I called you Kris.)

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tofunkie4myself: the movie, "the kid", I saw it!
tofunkie4myself: and they sleep like me.
calicocarrot: oh
tofunkie4myself: you know?
calicocarrot: right
calicocarrot: ok
calicocarrot: yah
tofunkie4myself: I'm gonna sue them for plagerism...of my...sleepyness
calicocarrot: you SHOULD
calicocarrot: DO IT
tofunkie4myself: and you can be my black lawyer.
calicocarrot: niiice
tofunkie4myself: "I know you did not just accuse mah client o' dat! You take dat back, ho!" then they'd say, "the writers didn't know!" and you'd say, "oh ya, well dats not wut they said last night...mmmhhhmmm."
calicocarrot: lol
calicocarrot: oh yah
tofunkie4myself: and then we'd pull juhneesee out of the breifcase and she'd be all, "Don't mess with thes guns! DON'T DO IT!"
tofunkie4myself: Then we'd make the asain be in the jury and she could pop out with some chinese fighting stars and maybe some deadly webs coming out of her wrists then we'll feed everyone to the ducks.
tofunkie4myself: and then, the redhead with the giant "H" on her cape FLIPS HER HAIR until they are all flipped out! SHE FLIPS IT! The end.
calicocarrot: LOL
calicocarrot: you're awesome
tofunkie4myself: yes, or tired.
tofunkie4myself: or drunk
tofunkie4myself: or stoned
calicocarrot: mmm
calicocarrot: so hot

Bash On Sousa

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The Time Is Now Yours to:

P.S. Hehe, I told you I would do it Alex... sorry man.

Stupid post. You are a duh.

Author: Shexpeare /

My name .. .Anatasha. Is a form of Natasha, which is a form of Natalie. Which means Christmas. That is the closest I can come up with.. for a meaning of my name. Yes that.. anyhoos...

Cameron AC! HAHAHAH I GET IT! Air Conditioning. Heh..heh heh.

Oh yes, by the way. I wrote all this down so I could write it here. I'm not dorky at all. Shut up Juhneesse.

Jenesse wants to kill modest mouse because she doesn't like that.

Shmoo never called Kristi's house. BOO ON HER.

Jenesse is stupid. (I wrote that down, but ummm.. I can't remember why. But it was there. Therefore it must be on here.)

I played pool with the boys. I didn't write that down. But it was fun. I KICKED YOUR TRASH... sort of. Right Sousa I wasn't that bad? I was pretty good.

I'm bored. And hot. And it is 12:05 and I refuse to post this blog entry thingy until I've written something funny. Which isn't going to happen.
I'm having doubts about the cowboy hat thanks to Jenesse. And I'm also having doubts about being black.. thanks to jenesse. DUH! JENESSE YOU STINKER. LOL.

OH! AND THAT STUPID BOY WORKING AT FRO-YO. Kara, you... are STUPID. Okay not really. But duh, they were like humping each other, and they were retarded. And it pissed me off because I couldn't just sit in fro-yo and relax cuz they were staring us down and making fun of us. Duh. DUH.

Shamae. I miss you.
Brit, I miss YOU too.
Cameron Asay.....
Chase.. doesn't read this.
Nina... you rock dude!
Jenesse. I hope you aren't mad at me for making fun of RIGAR!
Kristi. You are a hot sonic girl.

I'm annoyed. Oh well. STUPID POST YOU ARE A SUCKY POST. But I ain't changing you.

Denny's is Scared of Me, Cowboy Hats and FRO-YO HIPPOS AGAIN!

Author: Shexpeare /

Me at Denny's. With who else in the backround. NEO! Or RAUL! Or.. one of um. Is that how you spell Raul? Eh. Either way. LOOK AT HIM! LOOK AT HIM! He is so scared of me it is sad. Ahh, good times good times. Posted by Hello

Real Life Comics. (I tried to make a link but Kristi told it not to work, and now... it's not working. So just copy and paste little lazy punks.)
When you are bored... or anything. These are the best. Seriously. They are pretty geeky in the sense a lot of jokes are all.. GEEKY. But they will make you laugh. Like this "HEHEHEHEHE"

I WANT A COWBOY HAT!!!! Posted by Hello

Look at it. So close yet SO FAR AWAY. How do we find you Fro-Yo Hippo.  Posted by Hello

Peanut Butter Malt Shakes, CoAsters and Bendak Starkiller.

Author: Shexpeare /

These Peanut Butter Malt Shakes are the best thing that has ever happened to this world since Hot Pockets and Capes.
Located at Sonic.
They are beautiful. You should really consider trying them. Chase had about four in one night during King Lear Tour. And besides that, I just ... There is no way to describe their beauty. Just go and try one. I want one right now. Stupid kristi being at work, having them available to her during her break. Me being stuck here at my home without the malt shakes. Kristi, you probably don't even like them do you? Blar. ::shakes fist:: :)

I kept getting random water rings on my desk, so I made myself coasters out of old CDs. Wanna know how? I wrote "Coaster" on them. And therefore, THEY ARE NOW COASTERS. Aren't I a genius.

Remember that guy I couldn't kill on that video game, Bendak Starkiller. Yeah. HE IS SO DEAD. I rock.

Today was fantastic despite the fact I'm extremely tired.
OH! I'm doing that tech rental for Young Ambassadors at MV on Thursday and Friday. I get paid. YUM.

Everyone Loves An Asian Girl!!! says:
shut up man i'm black
Jenesse says:
you're not black!!!!
Jenesse says:
Jenesse says:
you're as black as sousa

EDIT.(About five minutes later...)
Jenesse says:
you posted the "black as sousa" thingie...!!!!!
Jenesse says:
i feel so loved
Jenesse says:
hmmmm..but sousa will kill me
Jenesse says:
Jenesse says:
Oh well.
Jenesse says:
i can totally beat him up
Jenesse says:

Jenesse says:
like that...


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Don't you love it when you find songs that connect with you personally. Well I found a whole bunch of them from the musical Wicked. Enjoy:

It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime
So let me say before we part
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You'll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend:
Like a ship blown from its mooring
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a skybird
In a distant wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
I do believe I have been changed for the better.
Because I knew you:
I have been changed for good.

No, I couldn't be happier. Though it is, I admit. The tiniest bit unlike anticipated. But I couldn't be happier.
Simply couldn't be happier
Well - not "simply": 'Cause getting your dreams it's strange, but it seems a little - well - complicated.
There's a kind of a sort of : cost. There's a couple of things get: lost
There are bridges you cross you didn't know you crossed, until you've crossed!
And if that joy, that thrill doesn't thrill you like you think it will
Still -
Wouldn't be happier?
Happy is what happens
When your dreams come true!

Secret Garden

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The little girl was the best part of the show.

Don't get me started on the rest. No.. really... don't get me started.

The Great Adventure to Find... THE FRO-YO HIPPO! Have you seen me? If so.. TELL TASHA. YAY! Posted by Hello

Flow Jump Dance

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Thespian Presidency.
Be excited.
Be very very excited. We found a really thuggin' flow jump dance SONG.
It is enya, and techno PUT TOGETHER. It's like... TECHNYA! WOOO!

Yes. We will scare those new Thespians away VERY quickly.

P.S. Mega Man is DA COOLEST.

The Hills Are Alive

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The Hills Are Alive
and not with the sound of music.
They will eat you... with only a blanket for protection. But sometimes that doesn't even help. They got the glafin that was by my shoulder.
The Hill ATE it.

Scary. I know.

Tear Jerk

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GUY: So I go, "Let's do dinner and a flick."
So she goes, "Well, you certainly move quick."
So I go, "Well you're so lovely that you make my heart
just ache."
So she goes, "Well, what movie should we do?"
So I go, "Well that is fully up to you."...
...and that, my friends,
was my one big mistake.

My movie satisfaction
is mindless violent action
Some muscle men who tussle with Stallone.
A thriller that would thrill us,
With Arnold or Bruce Willis
And lots of naked shots of Sharon Stone.
This movie here is clawing,
So pretty and annoying,
These flicks they make for chicks who drag their men.
I bet she gets all weepy,
while I get really sleepy...
...No chick will ever pick the flick again!

GIRL: She loves him,
but he is married
to a wife who's dying reeeeeeeeeeeeallly slow.

He won't leave,
so they're all ?harried?.
How beautiful...
...He's dutiful...
...That Joe!

GUY: I yearn to see a chain saw
A psycho with a painsaw.
How nice to see him slice each person's spleen.

A nut job in this movie,
Oh boy, would that be groovy?
He'd wipe this painful tripe right off the screen!

GIRL: The end is near,
he's at her bedside,
while his true love waits for him.

GUY: She don't look good,
She's on the dead side.

GIRL: And now Joe vows
he'll never love again!

GUY: Well, that is rather queer now...
..Did I just feel... a..tear now?
I bet it's just some sweat caught in my eye.

...Well that is fairly funny... nose feels rather runny.
Good God, this might sound odd
but I might cry!

GIRL: Oh, God their at the grave now!

GUY: And Joe is acting brave now.
I'm fearful I'll be tearful any sec.

(GIRL: Ohhh God!)
GUY: I know that she'll burn rubber
if I sit here and blubber!
I'm quickly growing sickly...
I'm a wreak!

(GIRL: Ohhhh God!)

GUY: Think of thoughts more wistful,
Clint Eastwood with a fistful
of oozy guns and boozy broads galore!

Oh crap, it's just not working!
This movie is tear jerking!
This fellow will be Jell-o on the floor!....
I gotta get a grip now.

(GIRL: Joe won't cry...)

GUY: Simply cannot slip now..

(GIRL: he's too strong...)

GUY: I can close my eyes tight cause I'm a guy...
No whimpering like a puppy...

(GIRL: Joe's so brave!)

GUY: Gotta macho uppie...

How will I allow myself to....
(Breaks down and cries exaggeratedly)

GIRL: Are you okay!?

GUY: (recovers and acts macho) Fine... Allergies.

GIRL: I love men who aren't afraid to cry at the movies!

GUY: (Breaks down and cries again)

Yes. We sang this. At the talent show. I was a man. With a beard.