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About Jill

I think I found a really good friend.

You guys would like Jill.

The Mission

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Jill and I snuck into the buffet... squeeling with delight. Yes, very spy like.

Our mission was to sneak out some bagels. It is not allowed to take food out of the buffet, but we knew we would be hungry later at rehearsal, so we HAD to get those bagels.

I wrapped them with napkins, placing one infront of each boob... causing my small breasts to look like double Ds. Yes... I looked strange. I got many funny looks as I walked out...

But hey.

We got the bagels.


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I get home sick really easily and I miss you all!! It is sad... but now I can officially say.. "This one time at acting camp..." You must realize how pathetic I feel.

But still. It's fun.

Some of the people here are cool, a lot of them are purely interesting, and ... out of all of them, I only found three people I would associate with OUTSIDE of this camp. Jill and Kristin. And Mike. (Dont ask about mike LOL)(Chase, Alex... ASAY! You know the southerland. Oh yes chase and cam, we talked about you.) Yes kristin southerland is cool. And Jill is my spy friend. And Mike is a girl.

We are going to Seven Peaks. Yay.
Rehearsal is long and boring.

I don't think I have much else to say about this "camp" I'm at. Miss you all!

P.S. I probably would associate with more than just those three. But... those three are thuggin and special. End of story.